iPad alternative

Ok, so the Misses has decided she wants an iPad. Is there a credible Linux/open source alternative that will do similar things like uploading magazine subscriptions and being able to scroll with a finger etc. I have heard that Android is Linux based but I’m not totally sure.


There are hundreds of them, as you said Android is Linux based but Android 3.0 shouldn’t be considered “open sourced” yet either… there are also rumours of an Ubuntu tablet and this makes sense in the light of their switch to Unity etc. … though how true is anyone’s guess.

Personally, I like the look of the Motorola Xoom, with its dual core CPU and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)

BTW, the iPad 2 is out and dual core too…

Though the Xoom ISN’T cheaper than an iPad, there are a lot that are.

If your Missus has a friend with an iPad, and this is where she got the experience … I hope you realise nothing else will do, and even if you get a Xoom (which IMHO is better), she’s unlikely to thank you :wink:

You might want to look at the android market for applications:
and see how it stacks up against iTunes/iPad for the kind of apps she will want.

Though I won’t touch anything “Apple” as a matter of principle, I must admit they aren’t that bad as far as hardware/price and software availability goes… except for the lack of flash, but that’s Apple politics for you… I did find it funny when they banned the Android magazine from iTunes/app store though :slight_smile:

Even Apples refusal to support flash may be a blessing in disguise… it’s may cause website/app devs to move away from flash… gotta be a good thing :slight_smile:

Then there’s HP’s WebOS…

And MeeGo… though that’s probably dead in the water now.

Thanks for that Mark, some good info’ and advice. :slight_smile:

Info… Maybe?

Advice… definitely not… I’m as confused as the next man on where to stand on tablets (other than the fact that some obviously DO need standing on), and will probably stay that way till a “true” Linux one appears. :wink:

I’m hoping the rumoured Ubuntu tablet makes an appearance.

Although, I still reckon tablets are an accident waiting to happen.

See… I’m still confused… I want one, but I know I’ll kill it in no time whatsoever :slight_smile:

I suppose (at least for me) the “safer” option may be something like this (HP tm2):

HP Touchsmart tm2 Review

More a full touchscreen laptop that turns into a tablet… Windows 7, but I KNOW this can run Ubuntu 10.04, 10.10 and Debian 6 with touchscreen, gestures, and rotation, as I’ve helped someone set up the wacom drivers for the touchscreen.

Very interesting but she has this ‘Girly’ must have an iPad thing…just like the iPod I bought her two years ago and she doesn’t use. >:(

Heh… I know the feeling… not about the iPod, but she keeps dropping hints about an iPad, one of her mates has one.

Must resist… must resist… must re… resistance is futile… damnit :wink:

Yep, time to trash the credit card…again! :frowning:

I really want to have atleast Linux brand, and also it easy to use this kind of stuff.

Hi linux13me, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As you’re responding to a 2 year old posting I’ve a sneaking suspicion this is a precursor to a spam posting … but just in case I’ll answer anyway.
(be aware, if I’m right and you spam this forum, you WILL be banned … if on the other hand you’re a legitimate user, you’re most welcome here)

OK, Linux isn’t a “brand” … it’s the open source kernel of a lot of Linux distributions, such as (but not limited to):-

Linux Mint

If you want a list of popular Linux distributions (nearly all of which are free), see here:

If your question is “is it easy to use Linux” … depending on which Linux distribution you choose it can IMHO be easier than picking up Windows, or a lot harder

Some Linux distributions are squarely aimed at ease of use for first time Windows converts so have a very similar user interface.

Others such as Gentoo need to be built from the ground up to your requirements.

Then there’s also command line versions, primarily for servers, that have NO GUI desktop.

So Linux can be as easy or as hard as you’d like it to be :wink:

You might want to click the “Introduction” link on this forums parent website:

Any questions … feel free to ask :slight_smile: