is a long wait normal for a post to be aproved?

Hi again, I put a post on the peppermint section 2 days ago & was informed it needed moderator approval? This isn’t like any other forum I’ve been on where a post goes straight on. What is mean’t by approval? and why is it still not approved 2 days later? I’m not having a bash I’m just confused.
…& now this post needs approval…

Sorry RATTLEBACK.131, I normally get an email notification of posts awaiting first post approval, but for some reason I didn’t get any for the last few days :-[

Add to that, that I’ve been busy getting the Pepermnt 7 Respin out the door and I missed your posts … many apologies.

That’s Ok. I’d set my two posts to email when there’s a reply but I’ve had nothing. which is why it’s been so long since I last looked. Thought I was being shunned for some reason - but looks like it was just plain paranoia.