Is bmc-watchdog Causing Unexpected Restart

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My Oracle Linux Unbreakable 6.5 Machine restarted unexpectedly and randomly so friend check logs and ask me to stop “bmc-watchdog” as far my googling/research i found that “bmc-watchdog” is just a life saver for hung machine and for any reasons if server stuck it will automatically restarts.

Is it true ?

Any Comments

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Whilst I can’t say I’m sure what’s going on here, this:
seems to suggest it’s an ipmi problem.

Maybe see if stopping the ipmi service makes the syslog entries disappear, and stops the reboot.

service ipmi stop

[oracle@erp ~]$ service ipmi status
ipmi_si module not loaded.
ipmi_devintf module not loaded.
/dev/ipmi0 does not exist.

Try starting the service then

service ipmi start

and see if that makes a difference.