is gnome dropping "fallback" a bad idea

Matthias Clasen on the behalf of the GNOME Release Team has announced that they have decided to eliminate GNOME’s “fallback mode” with the upcoming 3.8 release that allowed a “GNOME classic” mode that didn’t depend upon OpenGL/3D rendering and was more like the GNOME2 traitional desktop.

see full report here.

Yes. … big time. Try running a Gnome desktop on an NX (no connection … just for kickoff … >:(

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Too right it is … Gnome seem intent on self destructing ::slight_smile:

With the rise of ARM, and the fact that currently there isn’t an open-source Linux graphics driver with OpenGL support for any ARM SoC. why would anyone think it a good idea to get “heavier” … I’m baffled by this, they’re obviously aiming the Gnome3 desktop at mobile … but making it nearly useless on ARM ???

LLVMpipe will drown an ARM chip.

all I can say is long live LXDE

Yeh, the upside may be that more development gets done on LXDE :slight_smile:

and thank you linuxmint for mate / cinnamon

I am going to be the N00B in the room, ENLIGHTENMENT???

and thank you linuxmint for mate / cinnamon

Isn’t Cinnamon built on gnome-session-fallback ?

now youve said that i think it may be :-[ oop’s sorry :-[ :-[ :-[

I think you will find that it is a fork of the Gnome Shell

Cinnamon is a Linux desktop which provides advanced innovative features and a traditional user experience. The desktop layout is similar to Gnome 2. The underlying technology is forked from Gnome Shell.

Granted … but it’s still a fork of “gnome-session-fallback” part of the shell … you only have to run gnome-session-fallback in Ubuntu to see Cinnamon is the same thing in green, with the slab menu.

Really it’s just a “tweaked” gnome-session-fallback.

So (unless I’m mistaken) Cinnamon won’t be able to move beyond Gnome 3.(whatever came before 8 …7 ?).

I can’t see how Cinnamon won’t be affected by this, unless they fork a lot more of the code

I can't see how Cinnamon won't be affected by this, unless they fork a lot more of the code
Looking at the Linux Mint 14 blog it will drop Gnome3 Shell and Fallback
Cinnamon comes with Gnome 3. Shell and Gnome Fallback won’t be installed by default but you can easily add them (just like in Linux Mint 13 Cinnamon)

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the underpinning of Cinnamon … but it “looks and behaves” one hell of a lot like gnome-seesion-fallback, that much so that even though it might be separate “packages” I’m still betting it uses most of the gnome-session-fallback code just re-packaged as it were.