Is it just me, or are M$ taking the P***

I don’t know if anyone else will find the title of this tidbit funny, I received it in an email from Micro$oft Xbox Live, referring to their latest game for the Windows Phone 7… it tickled me :slight_smile:

It would only have been funnier if the game was called Beards and Geeks… and you had to flick the Gnomes through Windows :slight_smile:

Oh, and something I saw on another website referencing Tim Cook taking over from Steve Jobs as Apple CEO tickled me too -

Cook vows to improve Apple Turnover

Lololololololololololol. Ok and breathe. I just hope it isn’t a dig at us Linux users.

I often find myself wondering how on earth people come up ideas for these games…I mean what line of reasoning leads to “I know we need a game where you flick gnomes at crows!” Its not as if the two are obviously connected!