Is it Possible.............

To keep malware/virus out of windows.

Spent a couple of hours this afternoon cleaning up a Vista laptop for a friend.

Would not even boot had to start it in safe mode.

Over 800 malware files and 32 viruses.

Will try to convert him to Peppermint.

Jocklad :o

Is it Possible............. To keep malware/virus out of windows.


a) remove/disable any network cards, so it can’t be connected to the interweb or any other network

b) disable all USB sockets in the BIOS

c) lock the BIOS

d) remove any optical drives, floppy drives, and card readers

e) weld the case shut.


Simply don’t turn it on :wink:

When I got the system running the anti-virus was up to date.

How is it letting all this crap through…?


Because -

a) No AV is fully effective and can’t protect against threats it’s not aware of … such as new viruses not yet in the virus definition database.


b) It won’t protect against something that asks for permission to install … such as all the malware that comes with things like free games.

These days, true viruses are rare, it’s all malware that’s installed when the user downloads something like a free game, that then downloads and installs other crap in the background … so 99 times out of 100 the user at some point agreed to the installation.

If it’s someone else’s computer you’re not going to be able to keep it malware free beyond teaching “good practice”

Anti-viruses work by scanning your machine and comparing the files on your machine to a database of known viruses.


a. If the virus on your box isn’t know, the AV won’t detect it
b. If you have a lot of files, this scan can take a long time
c. The scan will slow your machine down, sometimes to a crawl
d. By definition, new viruses will not be detected by your AV until someone has been infected, the AV people define it, and you update your virus database.

The word I generally use to describe AV software is “worse than useless”.
(ok, it started as one word, then I thought a bit and amended …)

I have in the past paid subscriptions of many thousands of pounds per year for Enterprise versions of very popular AV product. (begins with ‘N’, six letters) I stopped paying when one weekend a new virus got onto the corporate network and destroyed it … Well … it destroyed the half of the network that was comprised of windows boxes …

What was the question again? … oh yes … “no”

It’s not bullet-proof, but what I did on my in-laws XP machine, was create a seperate Admin account with a password only I know, and convert their standard, auto-logon account to limited access. Seems to have done the trick, with only minimal side-effects (i.e. CoreTemp won’t work on boot). Doesn’t stop Firefox/Chrome extension naughtiness, but it’s easily cleaned anyway. With Vista, it’s even more secure in theory, as there should be less priviledge escalation bugs…

Of course, if all they do is web browse & document/spreadsheet work, Linux is a winner (same deal with the root password though!)

That AV was the worst of the worst for destroying my laptop speeds when I was on windows. I get shivers every time someone mentions them, lol. The best one I found that was paid was Kaspersky but even that slowed performance.

Happy to have moved to Linux full time!

Have installed peppermint 4 on a dual boot for him to try.

Think Microsoft is about to lose another customer.

Jocklad. :slight_smile:

Can’t argue with the distro choice … though what’s the betting someone does ? :wink:

I actually installed Linux for a friend on both his laptop and his girlfriends and they love it, since they done game from their laptops they enjoy actually booting faster and virus freeness

Awesome! Linux is getting more popular…what I have observed why not so many Linux users are out there is that people stick with Windows due to familiarity and they are afraid to try another OS. I was ripe for Linux as I was so fed up with Windows and was thinking of getting a Mac when I had the money…but then I by sheer luck found a Dell netbook in cash converter’s with Ubuntu on it! I’d vaguely heard of Linux but didn’t know it was an OS.

I’ve introduced 5 people to Linux over the past year or so on each occasion I gave them a brief demonstration how it works and told them if they have any problems let me know, I installed Team Viewer on their machines so I could log in if necessary and advised them to register for this site (which none have done) and eagerly awaited their cries for help

In that time I’ve not heard from any of them not once has any of them come to me with a problem, occasionally I’ll ask them “Is you computer working ok, any problems ?” and I get the same answer each time “yeah it’s running great no problems at all”

So the moral of the story is if you want to lose touch with your friends install Linux on their computers


Ha ha, love that comment ,Graeme. Think I might try that, there are one or two I wouldn’t mind losing contact with!


Like Graeme I have introduced 4 people to Peppermint.

Two of them are elderly and had never used a computer before .

After a little training they are using there Comps daily for surfing,e.mail ect.


Damn that made me laugh ;D