Is there an alternative for IrfanView available for Linux ? (SOLVED)

Hi All,
I liked IrfanView to resize my image files. If I try to get it for Peppermint 5 I get directed to download sites that dump all sorts of rubbish on your drive, I don’t want to use them, so I want to know if there is another programme I can use ? I only need to resize the the images for sending in e-mail.
Thanks for looking.
Don W

Personally I just use GIMP
(including its batch converter if necessary)

But how about this…




(which also contains the XnConvert batch converter)

or for one off conversion you could use Pixlr (Editor) which is already in the menus … unless you need a batch converter.

How about Simple Image Reducer?

sudo apt-get install simple-image-reducer

Never heard of that, but now I must take a looksee … cheers SeZo

simple-image-reducer behaves kinda hinky … no matter what you set it always keeps the same aspect ratio.

kinda odd that it gives sizes like 800x800 (then doesn’t honour that size) … if there’s no way it’ll change the aspect ratio, why not just give “width” ?

Pity, because a simple image resizer would be handy

It is a simple reducer (it is in the name) that takes the longest measurement (vertical or horizontal) and changes it to match the constraints.
You could take that the measurements supplied are just maximum values.
I stumbled on this when my daughter needed something simple (and quick) on her travels in far away countries (where internet bandwidth was in short supply) to keep in touch (and post pictures). It did the trick for her.

Yeah, I guess it does what it does quite well … just a bit of a confusing UI that could so easily have been clearer and more easily configured.

But maybe I’m being overly critical :wink:

Hi Don

I 've been using Fotoxx, which is similar to Irfanview and has a nice image resizer, which you can keep ratio or not, has some pre-sets (75%- half -etc)
or custom resize.
in the repositories, or just download latest version from the website.


Thanks for the tips Chaps.
@ banko, I have been using fotox for about a week now organising and saving images to folders and have never noticed the file trimming etc. :-[ I tried this morning and it does what I want. Thanks.
@ SeZo Thanks for the tip. I will use fotox or pixir for the moment as they seem to do what I want (at the moment)
@ Mark Thanks Mark I had a look at pixir and it works well for my purposes. fotox also does well so I have a choice of what to play with. :wink:
Thanks again chaps ;D
PS I have tried out the Simple Image Reducer and it performs like Irfanview in that an original image from the camera showed a healthy 920Kb and when reduced in Simple Image Reducer it shows as 40Kb in the 400 x 400 format ;D ;D