Is there any substitute program to Adobe Dreamweaver?

So I’m working on my site, and just now I’m wanting up a temp page with a background containing an i-frame. Now I used to do all my website work on Adobe Dreamweaver, so is there some sort of substitute program I can download from the repo’s?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

KompoZer ← In the repos

Amaya ← W3C’s own editor

BlueGriffon ← Nvu replacement

or even some versions of Dreamweaver in WINE:

Although you’d probably be better off using something like Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal these days than building your own static site.

Pretty sure Wordpress is only for blogs isn’t it?

That was it’s primary audience, but… = Wordpress

seriously :o? have any links to some tutorials that could show me how to embed this? i’ve got a WP account, and being able run it on wordpress would be so much easier.