Is this acceptable ?

I am having problems with my Novatech computer.
I phoned the Technical helpline for advice and was told ‘they can only help if it is a Windows Operating System that is installed’
I find this incredible as their machines are sold 'without OS’es to enable you to install your own, and I installed Linux ?
Is this acceptable ? or is this discrimination ?
Rant over.

take care
Don W

Well, I guess the first question to ask is; if it was sold without an OS, is the problem you’re having an issue with the hardware itself not working, or with the software / OS you are trying to load up ??

PC Vendors (and pretty much everyone else) have always done this … generally it’s not malicious, they just don’t have the expertise available to provide the support …

Thanks Mad Penguin,
I suppose the the initial problem was the computer ‘flashed lights and beeped’ indicating a ‘kernel panic’ in Linux.
I removed the bottom cover and gave the fan a blow. The computer is working ok now.

take care
Don W
PS If I had told the tech guy that I was running Windows he could have said I had an overheating/fan problem ?

This is a tough one to answer

a) he may not have understood what the flashing keyboard lights meant … and Windows may have given a stop error (BSOD), unlikely to have been useful but he’s trained to look those up on a database.


b) if you’d said you were running windows and the PC “starts but shuts down”, he’d probably have suggested you check it wasn’t overheating by cleaning the fan/heatsink.

So IMHO you’re both right … it wasn’t malicious, but I guess he could have at least suggested the basics before shutting you down completely

That said, if he’s answering calls to the public, he’s most likely a trained monkey who has to go through a set routine and cannot deviate from that routine in case he does more damage … his routine falls apart at the mention of Linux :wink:

There’s a BIG difference between refusing support for a PC sold with Linux on it, and one sold without an OS onto which you install Linux … in fact it would have been acceptable for him to refuse Windows support too … buying a PC without an OS doesn’t give you any rights to Linux support, but neither does it give them the right to refuse to honour a hardware problem that’s covered by warranty.

You have to be very selective in what you say to these people when running Linux … preferably you’d have said “I switch on my PC an it crashes, even if I only sit at the BIOS screen” … which immediately suggests a hardware problem, so there’s no need to mention the software at all :wink:

Mmm, I guess the problem is that once they say “anything”, then to an extent their company takes some liability for what they say … and if an OS is involved that they no literally nothing about, then they automatically inherit liability they don’t want and moreover have no financial compensation to cover.

In this instance, I guess the “correct answer” (with regards to getting support) on your part would have been “no OS, the machine won’t start” … “I’ve not installed an OS yet”.

Best diagnostic in this instance is a bootable CD (windows / Linux, doesn’t matter) just to prove it’s a hardware issue. Once it is, if you’re not a PC builder, best thing is to claim DOA and get a replacement … although if it’s an overheating issue, I’d be asking for a different model … if it is overheating, go into the BIOS (F2/ESC/DEL while powering up ,depending on the box) and take a look at the menus, somewhere there “should” be some power / fan monitoring information. It “should” give you a CPU temp. In the summer, I’d be hoping to see 45 degrees or less, maybe 35 or less in a cold environment.

If you can get Linux up, install the “sensors” package, then run “sensors-detect” to set it up … then “sensors” to monitor your box. This is mine;

# sensors atk0110-acpi-0 Adapter: ACPI interface Vcore Voltage: +1.40 V (min = +0.80 V, max = +1.60 V) +3.3V Voltage: +3.36 V (min = +2.97 V, max = +3.63 V) +5V Voltage: +5.02 V (min = +4.50 V, max = +5.50 V) +12V Voltage: +12.17 V (min = +10.20 V, max = +13.80 V) CPU Fan Speed: 1273 RPM (min = 600 RPM, max = 7200 RPM) Chassis Fan Speed: 0 RPM (min = 600 RPM, max = 7200 RPM) Chassis2 Fan Speed: 0 RPM (min = 600 RPM, max = 7200 RPM) Power Fan Speed: 0 RPM (min = 600 RPM, max = 7200 RPM) CPU Temperature: [b]+29.0°C[/b] (high = +60.0°C, crit = +95.0°C) MB Temperature: [b] +27.0°C[/b] (high = +45.0°C, crit = +75.0°C)

Adapter: PCI adapter
temp1: +0.0°C (high = +70.0°C)
(crit = +90.0°C, hyst = +85.0°C)

Thanks Chaps,
The problem is sorted now after a quick blow on the fan. I should maybe get a can of air in case. :wink:
I did find it odd that they wouldn’t listen when I said Linux but would have a go if it was windows.?

take care
Don W

The thing is these people are only trained to answer Windows related questions, I had a friend once who was told on an Apple helpline with an iphone password issue to remove Linux from her PC as it could damage her computer

That is the level of their knowledge

Fortunately online Linux support is second to none with sites like this


I am in whole hearted agreement here Graeme. :wink:
Without this site I would still be using Windross :-[ :-[ Can you think of a worse fate ::slight_smile:

take care
Don W

Worse … well … have you tried using a Mac?

Nooooooooo ???