Is this correct 1gb 400Mh RAM for Acer 5003WLMi ?

Is this correct 1gb 400Mh RAM for Acer 5003WLMi ?

I won this auction above, and the guy promised to take it back if it doesn’t work, but NEVER specified high/low density chipset numbers, etc. It sold less than other 2x 1gb pairs ($29-31) at only $23.50, when cheapest single strip is about $21. Can you guys look at it with the wierd numbers and it and tell me any more specifics???
All he said was: "Dear mkham6 , your computer ( ACER-5003 ACER-5000 ) use DDR SDRAM pc2700 . PC3200S works on your computer .Thank you

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I’ve been totally confused by low/high density crap 128x4 or 64x8, but Crucial who is supposed to be God, says my Acer 5003WMLi takes 128Mb x 64. Second number is supposed to be data bits, or chip layout or 64 bit processor (which I have: Turion 64 ML-32)? Finally after reading tons of info, the specs of this 333Mh strip below confirms that there are 2 SUCH PARAMETERS.
What exactly does that second one mean 128Mb x 64 ?? Thought the 128 meant it was high density!! Apparently NOT. Which is good cause LOW density is supposed to be the good, universally compatible RAM, and HIGH cheap and troublesome.

Item Id: 370528056574
End time: Jul-07-13 23:19:45 PDT
Low Density (64X8) Chipsets
Laptop / Notebook Memory

Will this RAM I bought work on my ancient beast? Don’t say buy Crucial (1 strip is $37- for this old junker that’s crazy) . Please tell me BEFORE I pay and ship these things to Ukraine. I do desperately need RAM, which maxes out and freezes for 3-4 minutes.

OK, (dont hold me to this) it looks like that ram should be good.
The main criteria (as far as I can see it) is that it should be DDR and suitable for laptops.
As for the price DDR2 & DDR3 is a lot cheaper but not compatible with your or any laptops designed for DDR memory.

Now whilst I’m not 100% sure about this stuff myself …

See here:,16)22C(L)F(Rev1.0).pdf

the Y5DU12822C chips are configured as 64x8

Which to my understanding means they’re low density.

But as I said, don’t hold me to this. ???

Can you also not double post … I’ve removed your other duplicate topic.

Yes OK. But what about the apparent 2 parameters- I still don’t get the difference or exact meaning and it seems neither do you. What then does the other 128Mb x 64 spec mean, if they are low density. OK I’ll get em- the guy’s guaranteeing them. Sorry, thought this was maybe a dead board.

Is that Hynex info for the top listing- the 2 x 1gb 400Mh strips? Because it doesn’t say a word about 1 gb strips- only 512Mb. The second listing (333Mh) was only an example that seemed to show there were 2 competing specs Z x Y and P x Q which people keep mixing up.

yes … look at the chip markings in the picture of the first listing.

They read:-