Is updating to a new version necessary?

I have over the last months installed Peppermint 5 and Mint 17 onto three friends laptops two whom were running XP and the other because the laptop failed and when I fixed it I upgraded from Vista to Mint 17 (which she preferred to Peppermint having tried both).

My question is simple is it necessary for me to up-grade them to P6 and the latest version of Mint respectively or are they OK to continue using them?

I had understood P5 and Mint 17 were LTS and therefore assumed they were OK and secure for some longish time to come - was I mistaken?

All three of them are delighted with what they have now and although none of them have any computer knowledge at all are having no problems and like what they have.

I thought they might miss Windows as it’s all they have known but much to my surprise none of them are and using Peppermint and Mint has breathed new life into three quite old laptops - one of which a computer shop told my friend it was past it and to throw it away!!

Nope, as you say both Peppermint 5 and Mint 17 are based on the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release so will be supported until April 2019.

In fact Peppermint 6 and Mint 17.2 are STILL based on Ubuntu 14.04

Peppermint 7 and Mint 18 when they are released will be based on the next Ubuntu LTS (16.04) and will come out shortly after Ubuntu release 16.04 (April 2016) … but even then there’s no NEED to upgrade if you choose not to, Peppermint 5 and Mint 17 will still receive security updates till 2019, so if/when to upgrade is up to you.

As long as regular updates are done via Update Manager (or apt-get, if the command line is their thing), there’s no need to “upgrade”. The “new versions” are essentially just respins of the original, with new features introduced (which are optional, and you might not want). Nothing wrong with staying with the original release :slight_smile:

Hi, guys

Thank you both for your responses I was sure I had it right but it’s good to get confirmation.

Many thanks.