Is Windows update really that bad in comparison to Linux?

One of the main gripes you can be sure to hear about as to why someone switched is automatic updates. I hear you and I get it that Windows does push small updates rather frequently. Most of which are security updates. Security is a never ending battle. Given the target Windows is for malware it doesn’t seem too unreasonable. If Linux had the same market-share on the desktop I would imagine similar update measures would need to be adopted. If we ever got that point I don’t think many Linux distributions would be free anymore anyway. distance Someone has got to fit the bill for all that backend work. Microsoft has recently made some changes giving the user more control over how they manage their updates and if you are hell bent on not updating at all there are a number of ways to completely disable windows update. One claim I have heard is some people saying their files were deleted by Windows update. I’m not trying to discredit anyone but I have never experienced this on my work or personal machines, I know of no one who has ever experienced this, I worked IT during my undergrad and never experienced this. I have quite a few friends who have careers in IT and manage thousands upon thousands of Windows machines who have never experienced this. I’ve asked many coworkers and they have never experienced this. I have searched the internet for this issue and all I have found was a bug in the 1809 October update that may have deleted files but it appears more so that it created a Windows.old directory for no reason and moved files there and people couldn’t find it. Regardless it has been fixed and is no longer an issue. Also we all know one of the main rules of computing is to keep backups of your important files no matter what operating system you are using.

In answer to your title question … erm, YES :slight_smile:


Come on Mark… I don’t doubt your judgement, but please expand. The OP will benefit, and so will I (and others).