Istall Icecat from tarball

I am running ubuntu 12.04.3-LTS on an old Acer with 2gbRAM and LXDE desktop. I want to use Icecat as my browser to escape DMR associated issues. I have downloaded the tar ball, icecat-31.6.0.en-US.linux-i686.tar.bz2, and have it in my “downloads” directory where I have made an “Icecat” folder. I have extracted the tarball in the “Icecat” folder. There are many library files that look as if they should go into the /opt/ directory, or something like that. The Icecat execute logo opens Icecat when clicked from the “Icecat” folder but does not connect to any url. I suppose that is because the library files are not in the proper place.
What is the process to install this application from its tarball?