It all becomes clear...

Ahh… now I see why Mark Shuttleworth moved the Maximise/Minimise/Close buttons to the left in Ubuntu.

Here’s a screenshot of Unity in 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), showing an Apple style “Global Menu”

(Click pic to enlarge)
[smg id=1012 type=preview]
New “Global Menu” in Ubuntu 11.04 Unity

He seems intent on turning Ubuntu into OS-X.

Brown to Purple. (although I personally prefer the purple)
Max/Min/Close buttons to left.
Global Menu.
Gnome to Unity with its dock bar.

I know it’s a personal thing, but I don’t really want an OS-X clone.

He missed the opportunity to call 10.04 Like Leopard … although I suppose 11.10 may still be called Ostensibly OS-X :wink:

Any other suggestions ?

Maybe 10.10 should have been Meddling Muppet ?

Ahh… now I see why Mark Shuttleworth moved the Maximise/Minimise/Close buttons to the left in Ubuntu.

I have another explanation … maybe it’s because he’s a ****.

For all you Chrome users, how many times have you intended to click on ‘back’ and hit ‘close’ instead?

I’m starting to lose count - did it not occur that putting “close” next to the place where all the frequently accessed menu’s were is not such a good idea?

No on second thoughts, scratch the ‘maybe’.

Never… I moved them back to the right about 3 seconds after installing Ubuntu (first job) and saved them as a custom theme, before I installed Chrome :wink:

Does make you wonder where they would end up if you try that in 11.04 though.

I’m not sure I’ll find out either… currently checking out Mint 10 Debian Edition (rolling release).

I also want to check the ‘direction’ of Mint (main edition) after Ubuntu 11.04

And next up for a test…Sabayon (gnome) and Pinguy OS

Mmm, running out of spare capacity so I’m about to build up two more beasts … when they’re going I’ll have a crack at trying to get an 11.04 beta working and see how it looks …

Let me know how that works out… so far I’ve tried it in a VirtualBox VM, just running as a LiveCD so I have no info on the install routine yet, but the graphics card didn’t support 3D, so it defaulted back to a standard GNOME desktop… without the “Global Menu”… which kinda pleased me :slight_smile:

When I’ve got time, I’ll bung it on an external drive and try it on a system that does support 3D and see what happens, and how easy it is to get back to a standard GNOME desktop.

I know it’s been said before but…TOO many releases! Does Ubuntu need this constant change?

If it ain’t broken it doesn’t need fixing!

Mmm, 'fraid so. There is a lot happening under the hood that is critical but not necessarily all that obvious, indeed Ubuntu are quite slow in some areas.

For example; Ubuntu kernel is at 2.6.35, to get all the ‘proper’ TRIM handling needed for top performance SSD’s, you really need 2.6.36 … SSD’s are new, TRIM is new, but I’m desperate to be able to run servers (and workstations) from SSD’s and have the SSD last more than six months, and perform properly.

Fair enough Mad Penguin.

And just make Ubuntu even more OS-X alike… Shuttleworth announces 11.10 will be named after a cat.

Ubuntu 11.10 = Oneiric Ocelot.

When is it comming?

They release every 6 months… Natty in April, Oneiric, in October… which is why the version numbers apply.

Just reverse the numbers in an Ubuntu release for when it was/will be released.

10.04 - 04/10 - April/2010 - Lucid Lynx
10.10 - 10/10 - October/2010 - Maverick Meerkat
11.04 - 04/11 - April/2011 - Natty Narwhal
11.10 - 10/11 - October/2011 - Oneiric Ocelot