I’ve just installed ubuntu 11.04 and i’m wondering what’s best to use as an iTunes replacement. I’ve read this and it says I can still use iTunes? is there an alternative within ubuntu to use? whats best? sorry if this is a stupid question… really new to this =)

Hmm … iTunes … That article you linked to is very old, the newer versions of iTunes won’t work in WINE … though I’m no expert on iPods and Linux, I do know there is/was a problem with Linux and Generation 6 iPlods (Apple have been messing with the data storage structure and nobody’s cracked it yet) … you can use this page:

or search the web to identify your iPod … let us know which one it is (and hopefully that it’s not a Gen6) and we’ll take it from there.

If it is a Generation 6, we may have to look at installing Windows in a virtual machine … then you can use the latest iTurds

Heh … moving on from Windows … “bloody Apple” :slight_smile:

BTW, there is no such thing as a stupid question, how else does one learn ?

bah, damn them! it’s an iphone 3 …dont know if that makes any difference :confused: and yeah fair one! i do have a lot to learn! =D

As I said, I’m no iPhone–>Linux expert … never owned anything by Apple on pure principal, even though they do do “Shiny” very well and I can be as much of a magpie as the next person :wink:

Anywho … What are your goals … obviously it’s not connecting to iTunes to buy apps and music etc … I thought you could do that directly from the iPhone ?

So I take it you mean backups and transferring music to/from ?

it was free =D not gonna say no to that =) yeah pretty much just to transfer music/photos etc

OK, gimme a while and I’ll see what I can find :slight_smile:

cheers =) There are some things in the software centre but i dont know if they will work with the phone…

Yes, try gtkpod (gtkpod ipod manager in the Ubuntu Software Center) … easiest way to install -

sudo apt-get install gtkpod

then see this video
How To: Manage/Use A iPod/iPhone In Ubuntu 11.04
(funny accent :slight_smile: )

If the application doesn’t display the iPhones contents after connecting it and clicking Load iPods(s) … do NOT attempt to drag/drop anything to the phone … let us know.

it isn’t finding it :confused: says this

lets see if i did it right =D, image i mean ha

phone is running iOS 4.2.1 by the way =)