Jitsi crashing when other pragrams open

I am running mint 17 64bit mate. I use jitsi for messaging because of issues with history retention by Skype.

It has worked fine until the last couple of weeks when it crashed when another program like firefox or Chromium are opened at the same time.

I tried reinstalling jisti and this made no difference. It happens on both my laptop and desktop to I do not think it is a hardware issue.

How do I track down what is causing this issue?

Thanks as always.

Hi Tramlink

I suppose you could open jitsi in the terminal then cause it to crash and see if it flags up any error messages

Good luck


Ok will try that and see what happens.

Where did you obtain jitsi? I can’t find it in the repos…
I’m just wondering if this is some bizarre dependency issue

find it here https://jitsi.org I was looking for a replacement for Skype that I could use with existing accounts and across platforms.



then hit Shift+f then use the arrow keys to hightlight %MEM then hit s then q

top should now be displaying the apps using the most memory in real time.

Start jitsi and see if it’s using an inordinate amout of memory, and if this memory continues to cimb over a period of time.

Beyond that you’re going to have to check the logs to see if there’s any clues to why jitsi is crashing.

I have been loading jitsi from a Terminal since posting waiting for a crash to see if something is amiss. Since loading the program this way I have had no issues.

If it still crashes when run from the command line, try lowering its “nice” value to give it a higher scheduling priority
sudo nice -n -10 su -c
as in:

sudo nice -n -10 su -c jitsi tramlink

-20 = highest priority
0 = default
20 = lowest priority

Thanks for the tip…