Jitsi in browser


Jitsi announced a HTML5 based browser IM is going to be launched shortly. Does anyone know about this? Or Is this already launched?

I am in need of a browser based video call service.

Can any one suggest such applications?

I am working on ubuntu 11.10 in ARM.

Thanks and Regards

Ubuntu 11.10 is no longer supported, why are you still using it? You should have upgraded by now, or switched to another distro that has ARM support (I don’t think Ubuntu supports all ARM types anymore), such as Debian

There’s a few WebRTC services springing up such as




Or what’s wrong with just using Google Hangouts ?

Hi all

Google Hangout plugin is not available for ARM.

Also this webrtc video call…I tried this in ubuntu 12.04 ARM in chromium 34 browser. But the browser was crashing as soon as I start the video call.

Dont Know whether the chromium 34 is optimised version for ubuntu 12.04 ARM so that it wont completely support webrtc features.

So are there any other options for implementing a video call application.

In what way does it crash? Can you show us a screenshot?

What about Team Viewer I think it has arm support and has a video conferencing facility

Just a thought