Jobs ...

I see we’re starting to get some fairly high quality well paid jobs coming up on the “Jobs Offered” board … anyone been tempted ??

You wouldn’t believe how much but I can barely speak English never mind Computer.

I applied and had an interview for the Linux Tech Support role with Double Negative.

Unfortunately I wasn’t successfully but I was happy I got as far as an interview!

I would apply for them, but it would be pointless as the one thing they look for is “experience”. Something which I lack a lot of, which puts me into a catch 22 situation. I can’t get experience, unless someone gives me the opportunity to gain the experience, and those people who look at your CV and go, “oh it’s a nice CV, but you don’t have experience, so you won’t know how to do this job” need a nice big slap in the face with a fat, greasy, smelly, fish. I’m more than capable of doing a job, a 50yo admin assistant can barely do. IT’S ONLY ORGANISING!!!

[Sorry for my rant, but going two years without a job. I’m at wits end right now.]