just a bit of fun but what was your first coputer

only asked because it may through up some lost forgotten bits of history

me a TANDY TRS-80

First one I “owned” - an Atari 600XL (or maybe 800XL) … I say maybe 800XL, because now looking at the pictures, I seem to remember it having the longer case … but I’d have sworn it was a 600XL, I also had the external 5.25" floppy drive … when floppies where actually floppy(ish).

But I suppose I could be confusing the extended back with my later 520ST and/or Amiga A500

600XL Piccy

800XL Piccy

one of my first workstation’s

a bit rare but my exwife’s amiga 600 laptop

My first computer workstation would have been an earlier version of one of these (Fanuc CNC control):-

I started off in engineering :slight_smile:

Not much good for gaming … unless you get an evil pleasure from setting the offsets to crash the tool into the job at high speed :wink:

work in 96

Got started with computing relatively late around 1986-87.
My works PC was one of those with proper 5 1⁄4-inch floppy drives and monochrome monitor. 8)

First home PC was a Mitac P60 with a 15" monitor, whopping 540Meg Hard drive for the bargain price of £1500 around 1994 ish
This had a problem with the floating point unit (though got a free replacement processor soon after)

Not exactly computers, but from the recesses of my failing memory it all started with a Vectrex

Followed by a CBS coleco vision


Then my first real computer, A BBC B+ complete with monochrome monitor (read green) tape player and a floppy.

Back to Game stations for a while with a SNES


And a PS1

Then I built my first PC with a 386 processor and a whopping 450Mb HDD(IIRC) running windross 95 installed from floppys. Then onto my first laptop, 15" from Tiny computers (and this will pin the date) it came with the all singing and dancing windows XP.
Then my DEll and now my Linux box.

Comprehensive enough?

Funny though, I can’t get away from my past as I have an emulator for all my old game stations.

Commodore 64! :smiley:

Mine was the best of the era. The Amiga, 386 bashing Atari Ste 510. Knockout. :wink:

Yes! First with a cassette player, then with floppy disk. Ah, my fondest memories… :smiley: And reading Zzap!64

By the way, I have never-to this day-even touched a VIC-20. Might be because the C64 was so overwhelmigly popular here in Finland in the 80’s. I would have had a possibility to buy a second-hand (overpriced) C16, but I passed.

My older brother had a Mattel Intellivision, so that’s my first experience of a TV-game. 8) I actually purchased some years ago a Mattel in a mint condition. The only problem is that I cannot find any games to it (hmm…wonder why… ???)! My brother has sold/lost/whatever his Intellivision sometime in the 80’s, so I cannot steal his games either. >:(

My first computer was probably something like this. I was very young and thought it silly.

A few years later I bought myself an AMD 300mhz/32MB RAM, 3.1GB HD box and found it be much more satisfying.

Spectrum then :wink:

does this count