just passed ccna thinking 'bout learning linux?


i just passed my ccna and am thinking 'bout whether i should learn about linux because i have heard that cisco are possibly hooking up with linux?

i want to do ccnp but am thinking that having either linux server skills also (or maybe -apologies if this offends any1 - even windows server 2008) might be a good idea if i want to get a better job?

my dream job would be working for an isp / or working for cisco / designing networks etc.

any ideas gratefully received :slight_smile:

Forget the qualifications, when you get to interview all they’ll be interested in are skills and experience (!)

There are a LOT of Linux jobs out there at the moment (you’ve probably noticed) and they’re generally fairly well paid. If you’re good, it’s not hard to pull £30k-£40k for permanent and probably twice that for contract. The catch is, there are very few training places around so getting to be able to do it is generally the hard part … hence the reason those that can are paid so well. Bit of a vicious circle unfortunately … :frowning:

I don’t have much experience of the Redhat qualifications, but my experience of the M$ and Cisco qualifications is that they don’t compare to people who’ve either taught themselves by doing it, or been taught by someone good.

IMHO, get yourself a spare PC, install Linux on it, buy some books on Linux and work your way through every example you can get your hands on.
(and don’t waste your money on letters and bits of paper!)