Just saying hello

Hi, Im so pleased to have just found your website. ;D I have been using Ubuntu for just over a year now and much as I love it I still struggle with even basic CLI/ code.

I have no problems with day to day use but the second anything goes wrong i’m lost. I have read lots of books and tried to follow many tutorials but I guess either I’m not the brightest spark in the fire or at 70 just to old to learn, but like my user name I will just keep on trying. Love Linus, love the challenge and who knows, perhaps one day I will begin to understand some of the questions never mind the solutions. :smiley:

Thanks to all involved in operating this site. Your time and efforts really are very much appreciated and even more so now because with the demise of XP even more people are using Linux. The large Linux forums are so busy that questions submitted are overtaken on the first page within hours. This makes it very difficult to get a response.
I hope no-one minds very basic question Thanks. Magi

Hi stilltrying, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I hope no-one minds very basic question

Not at all, we enjoy helping each other out, that’s why we consider ourselves a community … so feel free to ask whatever you like, there are no daft questions here.
(unless of course you ask how to install Windows ME :wink: )

Is that old enough to be appreciating in value now? Think I’ve still got an ME disc floating around here somewhere…
Also, it’s unfair to pick on WinME - it wasn’t any worse that the other 9x’s. Plus Linux was crap for desktops back then :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi - and welcome to the forums!

I’m sure you’ll soon get to grips with your distro of choice - especially with the help of the knowledgeable folks on here! ;D

I can’t speak highly enough of the generosity of spirit displayed on these forums and their depth of knowledge is staggering!

Ask away!! :wink:


Really … are you being serious ? :o

Kinda getting off-topic, but yeah - Windows 9x was a mess in general, and I thought Windows ME was their best crack at it. Luckily for them, they ditched the whole 9x kernel system and went down the NT route - I don’t think they’d have lasted this long if they had.

Oh well, takes all sorts I suppose … personally I preferred 98SE, and found ME to crash every time I even looked at the keyboard, and quite a lot when I didn’t … and IIRC, the DOS backend to ME treated config.sys and autoexec.bat and quite a few other things really oddly.

Anywho, as you said we’re getting a bit off topic here…