Have installed Kdenlive from Software Centre but it just crashes and refuses to open. Any suggestions?

If you check the reviews you can see that around 25% of users report problems so maybe your system is not compatible.

However you did not give any details of your system so not much else that can be said.

My System: Ubuntuu 10.04 lucid
Distribution:Kernel:Linux 2.6.32-38 generic

I have kdenlive installed on my system (Ubuntu 11.04) but I also had it on Lucid a long time ago. Do you get any error messages?

Also which CPU do you have? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

I think this could possibly be a kernel issue.

If you do not get any error messages (like BKS suggested) then you could try to run it from the terminal:
Can you open the Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and type:


and post the results

Kdenlive is very well known for being unstable, crashing and being buggy. A good replacement which has a similar look-and-feel as Kdenlive is Openshot. Since Kdenlive and Openshot are more aiming on simple and easy video-editing, you won’t come across many difficulties when using Openshot.

Here’s a list of all video-editing program’s for Linux: List of video editing software - Wikipedia.

Hi Proudhon
I too have been having problems with Kdenlive.

Take a look at this post #14 in this link http://linuxforums.org.uk/index.php?topic=9933.msg71415#msg71415
You will then be able to install it properly :smiley: