Keeping settings on Ubuntu 9.04 usb for netbook

Hello everyone.

I am using Ubuntu 9.04 for netbook. I am booting and running froma 4gb USB stick. If I save bookmarks or downloads (or wireless network key) it doesn’t save it even though I click to save and it shows it is saving, when I reboot again there is nothing saved or bookmarks kept. :cry:

Also my backlight is dim and I can’t find a way of brightening it.

Lastly even though I install Adobe flash via Ubuntu software manager I still can’t play Utube files (keeps asking for flash plugin)

Any help much appreciated


Two possibilities with the USB stick … (a) are you removing the device before reboot? (b) have you tried a different stick?

Re; backlight, many netbooks are very cheap and as such have cheap backlights - which model are you using?

What method are you using to install flash?
(i.e. are you doing it via “Synaptic” [the way that will work], or trying to download from Adobe’s site?)

Hi Mad penguin.

I am using a Sandisk 4gb, I havn’t tried another one yet.

My netbook is a Samsung NC10.

I have tried loading flash using Ubuntu software manager and it says it has loaded, but I still can’t use Utube.

many thanks


Can you save anything that survives a reboot ? … If not, you may not have enabled the persistence mode on the LiveUSB stick when you created it.

See here:

No Mark I havn’t. Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Mark. will this cure my Adobe flash problem as well?

Probably… but only IF this is the problem.

What happens if you create a file on your desktop, and then reboot?

I will try that in the soon.

Ok. I just booted my netbook up and saved a picture of a Jaguar cat to downloads. I opened downloads and could clearly see the picture. I then closed down, removed the dongle, replaced the dongle and rebooted…no picture in downloads!

If any setting changes such as wireless settings don’t survive a reboot either… I’d say you didn’t enable persistence when creating the LiveUSB stick.

It’s therefore acting like a CDROM, and can’t be written to.

I don’t think persistence can be added after creating the LiveUSB… but I’ve never really looked into it.

You could just create another LiveUSB of Ubuntu 9.04, 10.04 or 10.10, and make sure you enable persistence.

See here for creating a LiveUSB on a Windows PC.


(this should work for 10.10 also)

or install the usb-creator-gtk package to create a LiveUSB stick from within Ubuntu.

Thanks Mark.

Did you follow the instructions Mark posted re; making the USB stick persistent, or are you just booting off the key ‘as it comes’ ?

I think by default the USB stick may come as a read-only bootable device (like the CD) which mounts writeable filesystems in memory … which of course is lost when you reboot.

This would also explain why Flash isn’t working, only certain parts of the filesystem will be mounted in this way (and hence writable) so it may be the Flash installation is actually failing … however if this is the case, it is a little worrying that you didn’t receive some sort of error message during the Flash install process.

Thanks Mark and Mad Penguin. Yes, I did not have persistance on, I have now done that and everything is working. I ticked the 1gb box, I am assuming that will be enough. I was not sure if I should have alloted more. I’m really enjoying Linux and I’m thinking of putting a fixed distro on one of my laptops, probabally my Sony.

Great help from you Guys, Many thanks.


On a 4gb USB stick, I’d have allocated 2gb… maybe I should have mentioned that… but there you go :slight_smile:

It really depends on how much stuff you’re going to install and save.

Glad to hear you’re sorted now though.