Key ring 'default' to unlock (Solved)

Hi, this is an irritation rather than anything else but after I boot to Peppermint4 and log on with my password, a box appears labelled “Unlock Keyring”. The box says that an application wants access to the Keyring ‘default’, but it is locked, then asks for password with boxes for Cancel and Unlock.
What is this? I nor,ally just Cancel and carry on, with no effects but was wondering what it was about.
As usual look forward to you help and advice,


OK, easiest way round this … run:

mv -v ~/.local/share/keyrings ~/.local/share/.keyrings-old

Now log off/on (or reboot)

When the desktop comes up you may be prompted for a NEW keyring password … if you are, leave it blank … it will bitch about “unsafe storage” but accept it anyway.

Your other option is to use the same password as your Linux account … but using that password may not remove the popup if you have Linux set to auto-login.

Thanks Mark, we can say that this itch has been scratched.
Appreciate your advice.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: