Kindleberry Pi

I thought that this was quite an interesting hack.

The terminal looks pretty cool on the Kindle’s E-Ink screen.

Although it may not be the best tool to do any real work;

"I quickly realized that if I wanted to do anything productive at this point it was better to get myself a computer"

Different I suppose :slight_smile:

Do you reckon you could then use the RasPi as an ebook reader ?

Yeah I imagine you could.

They just need to advance the electronic paper technology to enable moving images so I can try watching movies on it! That would be weird. Forget IMAX and 3D screens, I want movies in ‘realistic paper screen’!

My missus would want to watch the wrestling on Sky’s “Paper View” :slight_smile:

Get it, huh … huh … get it :slight_smile:

Haha! I see what you did there! :stuck_out_tongue: