Kingsoft Office - Microsoft Office alternative (?)

Has anyone tried using Kingsoft Office yet ? … if so, how is its Microsoft Office compatibility ?

Only on Andriod. Compatability seems fine.

i agree with toonman with android works well

Well, just downloaded the beta version and I find it messy and confusing. It seems they have taken a note out of Unity’s book and created an interface that even it’s mother wouldn’t love.

It’s nothing like the Andriod version. Back to Libre office for me.

Thanks for the feedback … still haven’t got round to trying it myself yet :slight_smile:

Also Libre Office 4.1 is out with improved Microsoft Office compatibility.

How odd … I was just reading about the release of Apache OpenOffice 4.0 … which also has the new sidebar, and improved Microsoft Office compatibility:

Seems they may be converging as much as diverging :o


Actually I can find no mention of a “sidebar” on the LO website (or in the application itself) … so I’m wondering if the author of that OMG Ubnutu article is getting them confused.


OK, I’ve found it:- Tools>Options>Advanced>Enable experimental sidebar