Kingsoft Office

Hi guys can anyone tell the best place to download and install Kingsoft Office I tried following the instructions [url]here [/url

cd && wget -O kingsoft-office-NoobsLab.deb
sudo dpkg -i kingsoft-office-NoobsLab.deb
rm kingsoft-office-NoobsLab.deb

but on the 2nd command it failed with “couldn’t find package”

Any help would be much appreciated

Many thanks


2 seconds

Download this file:
and double click to install.

A while ago when you first started Kingsoft Writer after install it mentioned something about missing fonts … if it still does that, let me know and I’ll tell you how to fix it.

Ignore these links, I’m just putting them here for future reference:

Don’t know what’s gong on but that’s a painfully slow download it’s saying about 10 hours :frowning:

It’s coming all the way from China … on a rickshaw :slight_smile:

Well it looks like the rickshaw has come to a halt hasn’t shifted in the last five minutes :slight_smile:

Mine says about 10 mins … so try stopping the download and restarting.

if it’s still stupidly slow I’ll up it to my dropbox, but that’ll be slow too … uploads to dropbox are painfully slow

Download failed with “Network Timeout”

This might be an issue with the netbook I started the download on my PC and I’m getting 1 to 2 hours but at least it’s downloading but it won’t even start downloading on the netbook :frowning:


It downloaded it in minutes from the first site I tried and I know now why it didn’t work with the second command, I could try it again if you think it’s the right version ?

it’s unlikely to be the latest version

Try stopping the download from kingsoft and starting it again … mine’s already finished … I’m upping it to dropbox now though just in case

I did try again and it’s just failed :frowning:

Gimme a coupla mins … for some reason uploading to dropbox seems immensely quick today :slight_smile:

I changed the DNS settings and it’s now downloading it’s saying about 20 minutes

I take it back … it’s slowed down.

Try this…

go here:
and click on the link called


took about ten mins to download for me.


Ahh yes, the famous Virgin DNS/cache doodad

I’m nearly there it speeds up and slows down I’m at 100mb downloaded so not much to go starting another download might slow it down

Ok I got it installing now :slight_smile:

Is there any merit in swapping one closed source Office Suite for another, specially as it does not appear to be supporting ODF. ???

Hi SeZo

Is there any merit in swapping one closed source Office Suite for another, specially as it does not appear to be supporting ODF. ???

I agree I don’t like the fact it’s proprietary either but if it keeps my daughter out of Windows it might be worth it :slight_smile:


@ SeZo

Other than it supports M$ docx/xlsx/pptx better than LibreOffice … NO

But the overriding factor here (for Emegra’s daughter) is M$ Office compatibility.

Personally I have both installed.

Ok i’m getting the font warnings you were talking about in Writer and some symbol warnings in Spreadsheet