lappy suddenly shutting off without warning on Ubuntu

Lappy is suddenly shutting off without warning- could be bad voltage on power supply- broken wire in it (though I don’t think so- seems fine. and not moving it), bad OS (shouldn’t happen w Linux- you ever hear of this problem in Ubuntu), over-heating in processor (have temp meters and should have warned), or motherboard/power regulatory system broken. But then it didn’t turn on at all and thought it was dead. This is after $200 of parts- everything is new. I have 2nd similar one for netbook (also ACER), but it’s 2 amps (40W) too small. Could that hurt it?

Running Ubuntu 10.4.1 on ACER 5003Wmli 2gb ram, 1800Mh Turion 64b processor, 333 Mh Fsb 400Mh Ram

In forcing the MAC address to change was getting this warning when it first connected to LAN internet- can this damage anything, or leave it open to attack?

NETWORK SERVICE DISCOVERY DISABLED: Your current network has a local domain, which is not recommended and incompatible with the Avahi network service discovery. The service has been disabled.

First, I guess what stupid software protocols can get turned on to force shut-off like that, and what can I run to test power system (if voltage OK or maybe some error report). I’m afraid to do anything till I test the lappy w another power supply- shut off 3 times (after 10 minutes, 10 seconds, 5 minutes… I think)

Turion 64 CPU’s were well known for running VERY hot.

Unlikley to be the power supply unless it’s not charging the battery.

Those messages won’t cause a shutdown.

Personally I’d first check the fan isn’t clogged … My missus had a Toshiba with a Turion 64 X2 and if the fan became even slightly obstructed it would trip the thermal cutout.

You could check if it turns itself off whilst just sat at the BIOS screen … if it does, at least that rules out software.

Thanks. No first I replaced the chain saw fan 2 years ago, and its fine. Also have temp gauges all on panel and they get 50-60 max- this processor rated for 90 degrees (how can anything electronic run at that?). Absolutely clean- never put it on fabric of any kind- only hard surface, elevated 3 inches in back to vent: it was virginal when I took it apart 3-4 times. So sure it isn’t heat.

Took lappy to big Electronics store and plugged it in an Acer power supply- had no problems for 45 minutes w 6 programs running, so either my power supply bad, or Internet connection doing something bad (have to spoof MAC address and auto shuts off network services). Afraid to use PS now- need good voltage meter and some light that takes 20V to see if it has breaks or shut off. Cause some dumbbell froze my battery on -10F balcony, I have none, 1/5 second power interruption + i lose everything.

I’ve replaced everything but motherboard. First thing (easiest) is some wire break in power supply. But if it is putting out way too much voltage (30V?- but tester junk) or too little, aren’t lappys made to shut off to avoid damage? I had mobile phone that did that- turned out charger was putting out 11V instead of 3.6-5.

Other thing is Windows has many services where default action on problem is shutdown or restart- does Ubuntu have anything like that? Where is log of events to tell me why that is happening? Or program that actually might control emergency or forced auto-shutoff.


So is it powering down properly, or just instantly going off ?

No, instantly off. Very disquieting.

I experienced a similar issue with my Nan’s old Core laptop last night (running Windows 7).
Windows reported 40% battery left, then it shut off without warning! I reckon the battery was mis-reporting its level to the OS - worrying, as I was just about to update the graphics driver (always do updates while plugged in people!!)

I wasn’t clear. This has no battery- it was frozen and destroyed, so I dumped it (can short out power system), so the slightest interruption in current and I lose everything… great when the power blinks out for a 1/2 second, or hit plug. Friend said look in etc/log etc/messages for any (bad) event message. That right?

It’ll be /var/log/messages - you’ll probably want to look at the .1 file, as the normal one shows the current boot, not the previous, crashed, boot. Might be messages.log (can’t remember this time of the morning, and I’m not in front of Linux right now)

If the crash is caused by a power outage, you’ll see nothing in the log at all

AFAIK Linux (or any other OS) will never just pull the plug on itself “suddenly” as this can lead to file system corruption … so it’s going to be either a hardware problem, overheating causing the thermal protection to trip, or a loss of power … in either case nothing will be written to the logs as it won’t get the chance.

It could be halting with messages not being written to the GUI - would be most unusual though

Granted, but it sounds to me like he’s describing a “sudden” power OFF, not a staged shutdown sequence.

Can’t hurt to look, but I doubt if there’ll be anything in the logs.