Laptop buzzing!

My laptop was just buzzing!!! I was on pic monkey editing some photos and my Maxtor HD stopped playing some music and there was this very loud buzzing!! So I rebooted. It is not buzzing now- what was that all about?!

Dunno … where was the buzzing coming from ? … speakers ?, fan ?, hard drive ?

Computers do that sometimes, maybe it took offense to the music you were playing :stuck_out_tongue:

Try playing that piece by Rimsky-Korsakov and see if it plays in tune with the buzz ;D
OK I’ll get my coat… :wink:

Some of the stuff by Autechre sounds like a computer having a seizure!

Good one… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Depending on the type of buzz … computers definitely shouldn’t just “do that sometimes”…

Humming along to naff music is a human trait, usually triggered by Katie Parry.

Buzzing on the other hand tends to be associated more with Hawkwind :o

You weren’t listening to any Rimsky-Korsakov were you maybe like The Flight of The Bumble Bee :slight_smile:

You are a witty lot LOL. I found out it only happens with the second movement of The Tempest sonata- obviously the file has gone funny. I will have to delete it from my Maxtor and download it again.

How old is the laptop?

Fans often wear, but more likely get a little clogged with dust … a spray from a pressurised air cleaner often works wonders … although there’s always a risk if you need to take any panels off to reach your fan(s).

Well it used to be a Windows XP one so that is quite old in computer terms. Yes, I thought it might need a clean- I will take it to the PC repair guy when I have the money- he could probably clean it safely.

I deleted The Tempest Sonata and downloaded it again- so far no more buzzing…