Laptop & external display

Post title isn’t great ::slight_smile:

Basically, I need to know how to configure my laptop to remain on while the lid is closed, if an external display is connected via HDMI. As the moment, closing the lid suspends the laptop, even if the HDMI cable is connected and working. I can’t even see any options for configuring the external output - it “stretches” the desktop dual-monitor style, and that’s my only option (no blanking or mirroring). It is plug-and-play at least, setting correct resolutions across the two screens, and in that respect, is awesome. IIRC, it even routes sound correctly via the HDMI cable. But it’s annoying that I have to have the laptop screen on.

I’m running Mint 17.1 Cinnamon, and I’m not in front of the laptop at the moment (it’s at home, I’m at work)

So you just wanna disable the laptop lid switch ?

I guess that would do it - is it possible to set an event to check if the external HDMI is active? Ideally, I’d only like to disable when the HDMI is active (would save me having to remember to manually standby it when the HDMI isn’t connected).

I guess I could save a “toggle” script onto the desktop, if we’re looking at a bash solution?


I’m not sure if what I’m asking is Cinnamon-specific, or whether power/display management is more central?

Ended up disabling the lid behaviour (and the lock screen timeout) via the Cinnamon GUI apps, and it’s worked fine (although not the ideal solution I was after)

I’ll see what I can dig up as soon as my back stops attempting to make me suicidal … currently finding it impossible to concentrate on anything that requires me to think :wink:

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Hope you feel better soon Mark, please realise that I wasn’t demanding help, I know how the internet works! :slight_smile:
My workaround worked fine for the weekend, I’ll look into the long-term solution as something of a project, get digging through the internals and see which config I need to change