laptop frozen on home screen after using update manager

Hi all

I’m using oneric ocelot on a dell latitude. I’ve had it a few months and doing OK on it, not any big problems until now (which is surprising really coz I’m not the most tech savvy person at all!)

I clicked on update manager today for the first time and it froze up, so I did a hard restart. Put password in ok, got to the homescreen, then it froze again. Can’t move the cursor, and there’s a red no entry sign top right. I can get the terminal up, but I’ve no idea what commands to put into it to check for errors, or how to fix them when I find em! Having to look for info via my phone has been a pain in the backside, but I found this place so not all bad

Hope one of you clever bods can help me out (and that I’ve posted this in the right place!)

First plug your PC into your router with an ethernet cable, as wireless won’t necessarily get started whilst you are doing this, but it will need an internet connection.

Turn the PC OFF, now turn it on and hold the SHIFT key, until you are presented with the GRUB boot menu.

Use the arrow keys to select the option closest to the top that ends with (recovery mode) and hit Enter to boot.

Eventually you’ll be presented with some options … one of which will be to “Repair broken packages” … select that and hit Enter … and see if that fixes the issue.

If not … do the same thing, but this time don’t select “Repair broken packages”, instead select “Drop to a root shell with networking” … once at a terminal prompt, type:

apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

and hit Enter … when that finishes, and leaves you at a prompt, enter:


Did that fix things

If at any stage you’re presented with any error messages, write them down, and post them back here.