laser engraving using Linux

Hi All,
I am interested in laser engraving/cutting and want to know if there is a Linux site that that could get me started.
I know nothing about it but I think I need a laser cutting/engraving machine and software to convert my pictures/text to something that the laser can use.
I know there are options to use Windoze but I would like to stick with Linux.
Anyone have any ideas where to start ?

take care
Don W

Google suggests there is open source software available for some laser engravers such as the NEJE engravers mentioned here:

but you’re going to have to compile that yourself.

I mean basically we’re just talking about CNC here, so there are even plugins for Inkscape for producing G Code

but you MUST find an engraver that will work with it.

If you already have an engraver, which make/model ?

If you don’t you’re going to have to do some homework to find which models can be made to work without proprietary (usually Windows) software.

This is not going to be a simple ‘click to install’ and ‘works with all engravers’ I’m afraid … though with some homework it should be possible.

Thanks Mark,
I saw an engraver mentioned on another site and it was ridiculously cheap. Unfortunately it was a US site and they don’t ship to the UK.
I have had a look at CNCLinux site and there is some interesting stuff in there. There is an extension for Inkscape form jtechphotonics that seems to be very useful but knowing nothing about this it seems quite difficult to find a starting point where I can find a suitable (cheap) machine. I may have to pursue the Win 10 software approach, but first I have to find my feet and try and find what I am talking about.
So hey-ho and off I go down the route/s you have just suggested.

Thanks again
Don W