What software can I get to create a leaflet? Looked in the software centre and couldn’t find any. I’m sure it’s there and i just cant find it … ! doesn’t have to be anything amazing just a simple leaflet/brochure

Any suggestions would be appreciated! =)

Try Scribus (desktop publishing) … it’s in Synaptic … it may be a good idea to also install the scribus-template and scribus-doc packages.

You can either install it/them through Synaptic, the Ubuntu Software Centre, or with this command:

sudo apt-get install scribus scribus-template scribus-doc



You may also find a template for OpenOffice which will work in LibreOffice here:
or by searching the web for openoffice templates … or maybe scribus templates

Thanks =)

Also see the edit above :slight_smile:

ok thanks =) do not like making leaflets…!

Does anyone ? :wink:

Extra Scribus templates here:

If you download one, you’ll need to unpack it, then start Scribus and go to File>Open … then point it at the .sla file that was contained in the downloaded template archive.

Got one =) cheers Mark! Fancy writing it ? =D

Heh … erm, not really :slight_smile:

Worth a try!