Learning on pepermint

Can pepermint be used for learning penetration testing i mean it dont have those softs in the package but cant we put them by ourself or modify it as it and other distros use the same kernel.


“learning penetration testing”? You need to find a good online resource first, that will teach you the basics & techniques that are used. Said online resource, will probably recommend a Linux distro that has some time-saving tools inbuilt (although some penetration techniques can be used on any Linux distro), such as BackTrack or some other specialist distro (there are a few, not based on Ubuntu).

Normally, you would use pen testing distros in a live environment (i.e. you wouldn’t install them), due to the nature of the beast. But all this should be covered in the tutorial that you find

I can see no reason you couldn’t install any of the tools that Backtrack use in Peppermint (they’re both Ubuntu based).


As chemicalfan suggests, there’s no point in doing this if you’re still running Peppermint in a “Live” session … otherwise you’d need to download and install them at every boot.

If Peppermint was installed to the hard drive things would be different … or you could (again as chemicalfan suggets) use a specialist distro in a “Live” session as they’ll already have those tools installed.

Find a penetration testing tutorial, then post here what software it requires you to have, and we’ll endeavour to tell you how to install it in Peppermint.
Otherwise, you’d be best off either “installing” Kali/Backtrack … or getting a DVD (along with more RAM) drive so you can run it “Live”.

Got it all, thanks you guys and yes sooner or later i will increase RAM too.
could you suggest a good amount of RAM that i should have in my pc that could support a good pen testing distro (not kali though as i know it will take alot :D).

In addition, there are some other issues that althogh i know that a distro with built-in pen testing softs would be easy instead of using a distro with no such soft and would need manual work BUT then i also want to learn installing a distro in hard disk and then install a soft(like soft used for pen testing)in OS.
And i wonder why chemicalfan said that one would use pen testing distro in live enviroment i mean why not installed in hard.
And also suggest which distro (simple distro not for pen testing as i want to learn) should i install in hard disk.

Sorry, I need to make a correction - Kali used to be BackTrack, and is Debian-based. BackBox is the Ubuntu-based one, and it’s running Xfce so should do ok on your hardware.

In terms of an “easy” OS that’ll run on you PC right now, you’d be hard pushed to do better than Peppermint to be honest. You could try LMDE MATE edition, might be a bit sluggish though. You can download pen testing tools on any of the aforementioned distros, providing you have a permenant install (i.e. not a live environment)

Research what tools you’re going to want, let us know what they are, and we’ll tell you if they’re available for Ubuntu 14.04 (so therefore Peppermint 5)