Libre Office

Anybody know why I can’t find Libre Office in the software centre?

Ubuntu 10.10

I don’t think LibreOffice was installed till 11.04 … 10.10 still used OpenOffice.

There are instructions for replacing OO with LO from the “LibreOffice Packaging” team PPA here if you wish:

Or you could remove OO, then download the latest version of LO directly from their website and install it.

but be careful … if they’ve now closed the 10.10 repos … you may end up with neither.

Thanks I will download it from their site.

See my warning above … if Ubuntu have archived the 10.10 repositories, and it needs some dependencies, it won’t be able to install them.

I’m not saying Ubuntu HAVE archived the 10.10 repos … but it may pay to check you can still install things through your package managers first.

What I’m saying is that IF they’ve archived the 10.10 repos, and you uninstall OO, you may not be able to get it back on if you need to.

Ok. Get what you are saying. Thanks