Lightworks Video Editing demoed on Ubuntu.

For months I have been following the development of this particular video editor. This video editor, is the “Oscar-winning” NLE (Non-linear editor) that edited, Hugo, Shrek, Pulp Fiction & The King’s Speech just to name a few.

The devs are still working on it, but so far it looks AMAZING! You can do colour correction IN REAL TIME! Let me write that again.

I’ve been using this editor on Windows and I love it. I cannot wait for the Linux version and even if I need to pay a fee for it, I’ll happily do that. It’s still a beta on Windows, so most of the codecs have been stripped out, so you need to transcode, etc yourself, which can be pretty tedious if you don’t know how to do it. HOWEVER, the developers are currently working towards supporting AVCHD, MOV, H.264 and other codecs straight out of the box if you go for the paid “Pro” for $60 per year. Now I know what your thinking, $60 per year!!!?

Remember, other video editors like Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro all charge for the full program at OVER 400 bucks! This is a bargin, plus it’s not open-source just yet, but it will be as soon as they finally get a final release out.

Believe me, nothing can contain my excitement for this program. Editshare, the developers are a “Linux-based” company so you can be sure this project won’t die. Me, I’ll be paying for the Pro version because I want to SUPPORT this program as much as I can.

The Windows version is due for release on the 28th of May, and when that is done and out of the way and I quote:

As soon as we've got Windows over the line, we'll put more resources into Linux and OS X. Because of the way we've re-architected Lightworks (taking out the Windows dependencies) we're now in a much better position to port it, and we already have it running pretty well on Linux - but there's still some way to go

There’s a lot to look forward too, and you know how the old saying goes. “Good things come to those who wait.”

Good news indeed … :slight_smile: