Linus Torvalds: Guilty or Innocent

There are many articles like this on the web but I thought this one was interesting because it comes from a non Linux-Centric website

How do you find the accused ?

It’s all Microsoft’s doing, due to them dropping the creative ball. However, if this is a “genuine blame” rather than “comedy blame”, then you can’t blame Linus anymore than you can blame Tim Berners-Lee for all the trolling/hackers/porn on the world wide web.

+1 it’s definitely “mostly” just microsofts own doing. I think that their OS sucked from vista onwards, plus the popularity of the touch screen tablets and iPhones that they’ve tried to compete with has failed pretty badly. I think because they are so profit driven they overlook making stuff that people are really wanting… Like an OS that runs at full speed for a year or two, or is that asking too much from Bill?

But it's flagship product, Windows, is the walking undead ...

Hmm …

Prediction # 9 … :wink:

Prediction # 9 ..

yeah ok just 8 to go :slight_smile:

#5 will be a dead cert too I reckon, hopefully #4 too! :wink:

If Microsoft played fair they wouldn’t these problems. The many enemies they have is their own fault. If major software companies were to to ever to produce software for Linux, I would happily ditch Microsoft altogether with their long updates and viruses. I bet many others feel the same way. There are times when I get very angry because I can’t get the programmes I want for Linux.

I’ve “suggested” it before … This forum has it’s very own (and so far very accurate) seer :slight_smile:

MP … any chance of next weeks lottery numbers … erm, preferably by email.

Well I’m of the opinion Linus is innocent although I’d love to think he was guilty, but the way I see it Microsoft is an empire and like every empire in history will crumble under it’s own weight, (it’s already happening) but for me the burning question is what will replace it


Well that’s easy … look around…

Do you see any viable alternatives :wink:

You talking about OS X? :wink:

NO … that’s not what I’m saying…

OS X isn’t an alternative for anyone other than Apple.

The ONLY viable alternative for OEM’s when Windows is gone will be … drum roll … wait for it … you wait a little longer but the drum roll continues for what seems like an eternity … out of nowhere, and totally unexpectedly, a marching band marches by then off into the distance … drums are still rolling, but you cannot explain where the sound is coming from, you find this mildly disconcerting but you wait anyway … a solitary clown walks by with a confused look on his face, and for some reason he appears to be dragging a rubber effigy of Margaret Thatcher behind him, but as quickly as he arrived he’s gone … you scratch your head because now there’s a confused look on ‘your’ face too … the drummer has given up, put the drum roll on a loop, and gone home … a plane flies overhead, you look up to see if it’s an RAF flyover or something but it’s not … you notice the crowd has thinned a little but the drums are still rolling so you continue to wait … meanwhile the crowd are still dispersing … suddenly you realise those damn drums have become REALLY annoying, specially now you’re stood all alone … the wind blows a leaflet past your feet and you can’t help but pick it up, you expectantly turn it over hoping for an answer … and …

You still waiting ?

Sorry i thought you’d have given up by now and gone home with everyone else…

Linux of course. ← there’s your answer :wink:

Haha ;D


It’s not his fault MS is Microsh*t… ;D