Linux 0845 Support

We’ve got the practical side / implementation sorted, and a couple of ‘experts’ to take part, but the logistical / financial site has yet to be determined. Just interested to know what people think in principle - is it a facility people could / would use? If so, in what circumstances?

Definately in times of emergency’s.

Ok, so we have a live 0845 Linux support number … :slight_smile:

Just need to find somewhere to post it now … :o

Seems an expense for you guys to go to for (perhaps) duplicating the facility available here. It’s a good idea in principle, but check out the costs-v-benefits.


Costs: £5 pa for the 0845 number.
Benefits: Someone to call in an emergency


Ok, had a few calls now, seems to be working Ok … :slight_smile:
For anyone interested, this is how we’re doing it, obviously everything is running on Linux … :slight_smile:

[smg caption=“The Linux Helpline implementation” type=preview id=842]

What’s the number, and where have you posted it, out of curiosity? :slight_smile:

Top of every page, and in the “Linux Buzz” box.

Brilliant service - have you atempted to link it to skype as well?

i think the average Linux user is more confident in finding the answer to a technical problem themselfs via forums such as this, so I’m not sure you’ll get the uptake you’ll need. However, the cheaper laptops/netbooks that the average user might buy nowadays come with distros such as Ubuntu, so that kind of audience might be worth targeting.

I agree with phil oz below since I’m accused of having an ‘arrogant manner for someone that is asking for help’ … ‘goodbye’; I’m not sure how my questioning of instructions to improve my understanding of how the instructions work; to improve my understanding of how my system works over the phone will be accepted.

appology accepted in advance since there doesn’t seem to be a complaints service on the forum.

further to the instructions and @*&?$ attitude coming towards me, I am more than happy to find what I need on the forum than to receive verbal abuse over the phone. I’m sorry that what I said was taken in a negative way that prompted a negative response, but I cannot be held responsible for the mood another is in, when I try to inquisitively understand how to give the commands, the system needs to to operate.

oops, above, sorry

I invite anyone who’s interested to read the thread referred to above from this point on:

and decide for yourself whether, as a volunteer giving “free” advice I was out of order terminating the request for help when I was finally accused of “winding bec456 up”.

I have, and will continue to give “free” help and advice to anyone I can… at least to anyone that treats me with at least a little respect.


For clarity… I thought I had better point out that we never spoke on the phone.

In my opinion; I don’t think you were “out of order.” bec456 was almost certainly being rather disrespectful towards you and on the basis that this “is” a site managed by volunteers who aim to aid people for “free”, all you really ask is for the person in need to “follow” instructions. After-all, they didn’t make you admin for nothing. :slight_smile:

bec456 was almost certainly being rather disrespectful

Oh come now … I think maybe “being a bit of a twat” is probably a better way of putting it … (?)

Certainly while I was reading the thread my twatometer was smacking up against the red-line needle on pretty much every entry by bec456.

Too harsh?

Getting and eating a free lunch is one thing, but people who “expect” a free lunch really get up my nose.

bec456 has now been consigned to the ranks of Filipino shoe salesmen …

@Mad Penguin. In respect of this site being run for free by volunteers, I think this is one of the best Linux sites available and think running a support phone line is an excellent idea. We have many customers that would benefit from this service you provide. In respect of the £5 pa 0845 phone number, ICT Nation would be happy to supply you with a free 0871 phone number and fax number. This would solve two issues in one go. No more cost for your phone line, you will also earn a commission for each of your received calls helping towards running costs. If you want more info then email me.
Hope this will help out this excellent community to run for many years too come. :slight_smile:

@ICTNation. Go on, tempt me, how much commission per minute does it pay?

@ Mad Penguin, I have sent you a PM. :slight_smile: