Linux 3D stereographic workstation using 3D screen

I am looking at the possibility of building a LINUX 3D stereographic workstation using a 3D monitor screen WITHOUT viewing glasses. Maybe there is someone out there that can advise on software and hardware to achieve this functionality at reasonable cost (say under £2k). My original notion is to use a major Linux distribution with OpenGL programmed with C. Proposed hardware would be based on NVIDIA quadro card with quadruple buffering (FX3800?) OR is there a better graphics solution in these times (DirectX on MS windows)?
The project would build a geometric model, assign model physical parameters, misplay the model, edit the model/parameters, calculate the model response(s), display the model and response(s) as sections/3D rendered and wireframe z buffered results. I have in the past used SGI UNIX workstations to achieve these gaols, but wonder whether there is a pure LINUX solution available?

Is the 2k price to include the monitor, because 3D monitors that don’t require glasses are WAY outside that price range at the moment.,review-1490.html

Unless I’m missing something, if an SGI box can do it, a Linux box will also be able to do it.

OpenGL is the rendering engine of choice for graphics acceleration … and I have an Nvidia Quatro / 4-head in my workstation and it works flawlessly under Linux … and it’s quick, but still not a patch on Xbox-360 hardware … :slight_smile: