Linux Administartion

Does anyone know where I can get a Oracle Enterprise Linux Administartion, tutorial?
I am taking about a training CD. has many titiles, and I don’t know which one to buy

You could see whats on offer (free) here:

there seems to be a fair few video tutorials and written guides for OEL, but in my opinion nothing teaches you more than installing… playing till you break it… then finding solutions… it’s also generally more fun than watching video’s or reading manuals.

You can pay Oracle Education for a formal class based on the OEL distribution, but to be honest you’re better off simply installing CentOS, making a cup of coffee and sitting down with the official Installation & Deployment Guide and trying things out. I say this because OEL is a RHEL derivative, as is CentOS, so the skills you pick up for either of these will work across the board, but CentOS is by far the most easily accessible to just download, burn and use.