Linux biggest weakness

If you search the internet for reasons for low Linux adoption the thing you’ll see most often is gaming, if only we had better games it’s the one thing Windows is so much better for.

Well it looks like finally that’s on it way with Valves announcement of porting everything over to linux,Steamos & the Steambox.

Personally I have a feeling it won’t have as positive effect as many of us hope because Windows will be nonetheless relevant to PC gamers and will remain the defacto gaming platform I’d like to think I was wrong and no doubt some will disagree with me but time will tell

But I don’t think gaming is linux biggest weakness anyway I would argue that what Linux needs more is a decent accountancy program, something that could rival Quickbooks, there are thousands of small businesses out there still using XP and when it dies moving over to Linux will not be an option for them because there is no decent accountancy application available for them in Linux.

We have office suites, photo editors, video editors, sound editors, media players and on it goes, but where’s the accountancy programs.

I might be wrong but I would guess there are more small businesses in this country than PC gamers not including the extra exposure from staff.

It’s almost unbelievable because computers could have been made for accountancy and yet we don’t have one decent package available in Linux.

In spite of the above there are signs that that’s maybe about to change but sadly it will be too late to take advantage of the death of Windows XP


GnuCash is one that’s an accounts program but your right, i don’t think there is much that an accountancy firm would decide to use. There’s a proprietary one that’s American called Moneydance available on Linux too.

I think the hardcore PC gamers could be swayed to adopt Linux quite easily if the game titles and performance is there on the new platform. I mean, Linux is more reliable and can offer better performance I believe than any other platform and I think the PC gamers are savvy enough to realise that and make the move. Gaming on Linux is now going to become a serious option like it never was before so only time will tell. But I think it will catch on :slight_smile:

I agree on both points … gaming is coming on Linux and WILL help adoption but it won’t be enough to drag people away from Windows … just help those that want to anyway.
(not that it matters … Windows is dead anyway)

I’ve tried to sell Linux as a good option for SMB’s for some time now and find the lack of a decent (and easy to use) offline accounts package THE major sticking point.

A certain amount of it can be laid at the foot of proprietary formats … “does it have anything that can use my Sage/Quickbooks data” … but most could be talked into moving to something else entirely (at the beginning of the next tax year) if there was anything.
(I know there are online options, but most SMB’s want a local solution … either through mistrust of “cloud” solutions or the need for local customer details that wouldn’t leave them high and dry without an internet connection)

GNUcash is a pretty powerful application and can be adapted to most requirements, but has a god awful UI, certainly as far as initial configuration goes, and it’s not much easier to “use”.

I find this situation odd to say the least … Linux is supposed to be winning in the corporate environment, and would be an IDEAL SMB solution, yet no decent accountancy apps … C’mon devs, there’s an opportunity here to become the de facto Linux Accountancy kings before Windows dies and the big boys move in and take over.

Not sure about gaming being a problem. Most people I know use consoles. Accounts software has god awful support. This means I still have to have a dual boot system. RAW editing for photographers not great but I’m persevering with Darktable and it’s turning out to be a nice package.

I think the reason why kids go for consoles is because of the frustration of windows. Long updates, long boot ups, long everything. Whereas Linux solves all these problems so there’s no reason why they should have to stick to consoles.

In terms of accountancy packages, can I just mention Oracle Financials? One of, if not the, biggest accountancy system in the world. Now, it’s based on Java, and at work it’s sitting on some kind of Unix server, accessed by the clients via a web browser (IE here, not sure about FF/Chrome compatibility). Anyway, WHY couldn’t this be used under Linux? Surely it would be an amazing selling point for Oracle Linux?!?

Mainly, my point is that Java’s aim was to “code once, run many”, in terms of OS platforms. So, why are there so many Windows Java apps that you CAN’T run on Linux?

According to intel there are at least 200 million PC gamers around the world and that this estimate could be as much as double. Now let’s say half of those come over to SteamOS over the next year or two, and currently the number of linux users worldwide is well under 100 million, we end up tripling the number of linux users worldwide. I don’t think its unreasonable to say either, as windows 8 is really pretty crap for playing games on. As long as the major titles are able to be played on Linux (WoW, counter strike , etc) then they will come eventually.

Also, I think a major problem of low adoption rate is simply the pre-installed OS when you buy a netbook, laptop, PC is pretty much always windows. I know you have chrome OS but even if they started shipping a few laptops in a high street store with ubuntu or mint I think we’d see a marked rise in people trying and ‘sticking with’ a linux OS.

According to intel there are at least 200 million PC gamers

From what I understand Valve have around 65 million registered users, not all of them will be active users and many of them could be the same user registered more than once, but giving the benefit of the doubt and taking into account Valve being the biggest PC gaming outlet 200 million seems a bit optimistic to me, and as far as gamers moving over to Linux is concerned I don’t think we would get anything like half moving over, I think we’d be lucky if we saw a tenth but I’d like to think you were right.

I see no reason to suggest Windows 8 is any worse for gaming than Windows 7 is in fact if you look into it the opposite is probably true Gabe Newell’s problem is not With Win 8 itself it’s the Microsoft store that’s put his nose outta joint because it puts Microsoft in direct competition with Valve not because the platform’s crap

Also, I think a major problem of low adoption rate is simply the pre-installed OS when you buy a netbook, laptop, PC is pretty much always windows. I know you have chrome OS

Couldn’t agree more, but don’t get me going on Chromeos :slight_smile: it’s not an OS it’s a glorified web browser and will do nothing to get Linux on desktops


We can get bogged down in figures, or we can go with the topics original title/intent…

The game issue has been solved … whether people will come over because of it or not is another topic in its own right … but it’s no longer a weakness.

The accounts thing is

and possibly RAW editing.

any more ?

I took my PC gamers number from an article which is 4 years old so maybe this has changed. But look at the numbers in this article:

Also when I said windows 8 is a crap platform, I meant more from a perspective that windows slows down over time a great deal and is a lot more open to malware and virus’s than our beloved Linux. I think high end PC gamers would love to know their expensive hardware isn’t going to slow down like it did running windows. So I think as log as hardware is compatible and the games titles are available then Linux as a gaming OS will flourish.

I am unfortunately a serial optimist (some might say a dreamer), but I do think it’s all possible… I hope…

Ok I’ll concede there are possibly more PC gamers than I thought but I still don’t think Valve porting to Linux is gonna make as huge a difference to Linux adoption as we’d like to think it will :frowning:

any more ?

Yeah analogue to digital transcoding software (whatever that’s called )

I must have spent a week trying to digitize some old VHS footage and had to give up, as much as i hate to admit it it was a breeze in Windows with the right software


Mmm, is the future of gaming in Consoles (or PC’s) at all?

Take a look at this …

I just don’t think it can work, it’s a mega feat of bandwidth, lol. For the big heavily graphics based games anyways.

I think you might be surprised…

Input lag test

Graphics quality comparison

On of the issues I see is that Linux software lags behind paid platforms because there is no money to be made from developing up to date software packages.

Support for software is another issue and then there is the user interface.

For day to day applications Link is very good but as has been said try to transcode your old VHS videos to a DVD using Linux.

Maybe what is required is a governing body that sets standards for Linux.

There’s loads of support! The Linux Community! I’ve found support I could never have imagined with windows here and on the various distros forums. I agree there are some tasks which probably seem difficult but where there’s a will there’s a way, and normally someone has already done it in the forums and can help guide you through it :slight_smile:

Just think printers/scanners with Linux you have to be very careful what make you chose but with windows you can pick any printer you like.

Yes there is fabulous support from forums but not from software makers.

Shall we do a list of Windows weaknesses as a fair comparison ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just think printers/scanners with Linux you have to be very careful what make you chose but with windows you can pick any printer you like.

Just think viruses, trojans, spyware, malware, Windows also has much better support for them and you don’t have to pick and choose yourself Windows will do it all for you :slight_smile:


Not forgetting the joyous BSOD.

Jocklad ::slight_smile: