Linux business solution providers in the north west

Hi I just wondered if you had any suggestions to any Linux business solution providers in the North west england.

Many Thanks


There probably are, it’s just a question of finding them, and we’ve only recently started collecting details. Then again, you don’t necessarily need a firm that’s geographically local, my largest customer is ~ 160 miles away from me, and I’m around 80 miles from the servers … :slight_smile:

[if/when you come across them, do tell them to send us their details! :slight_smile: ]

Bashton are based just outside of Manchester.

Tvm, now in the directory here;

Cool website … training prices are a bit scary tho’ !!

If anyone knows of Tomcat training providers who don’t cost a bomb, anywhere in the Uk…

I thought I’d try and be funny and post a link to a feline training centre … but on searching for “pussey cat training” it brings up entirely the wrong sort of website …

I notice their website is now exhibiting “Ten Years of Tomcat” … I remember when it first came out, it was a bloated, flaky memory hog that ran the worst language ever invented. How times change eh?! :wink:

Aye. And five run it on their main website. I feel sorry for them. :wink: