meets Undernet ...

I’m currently going through the vetting procedure to get one our machines approved as an Undernet node … if anyone wants to help test;

The server is at;
port # 6667



Undernet?! You could at least have been nice, and been a freenode node :wink:

Heh, as it turns out they’re now testing for three weeks so it’s in private mode (!)

… Freenode didn’t ask us for a node :o

/j #linux
09:55:07 -!- Irssi: Not joined to any channel
09:55:26 -!- Irssi: Not enough parameters given
09:55:37 -!- Cannot join to channel #linux (You have joined to too many channels)

Yup - it’s going through their test procedure and they have it set to ‘private’ for the moment … :-\