Just wondering if you guys will ever do anything interesting with this site. It’s a great domain to have to become a central site for UK/EU Linux communities. I don’t recall it ever having changed and the site doesn’t really offer anything thats not already well covered elsewhere.

Be great to see something that becomes a central reference to UK LUGs, UK projects (distro’s and OSS projects) Link to training companies that support Linux, reviews of certifications, distro reviews (other than ubuntu, Mint (ubuntu!), Pepermint(Ubuntu!)), Jobs, announcements of Security/programming/linux events and hosting blogs for active community members.

It’s nice to see your forums have grown over time, but to be fair, it offers nothing unique :frowning:

Just a thought, There is potential if there is desire (and time?).

All those things would be nice … any ideas how to make them happen ? … is a non-commercial ‘free’ site, run by volunteers who put in as much time as they can, more volunteers would certainly mean more could be done … you up for it ?

Well you’re inviting a response that begins “Dear Troll”, I will however refrain.

The site changes every time someone puts something up, anyone who writes something sensible / relevant can put something up, so essentially you’re criticising yourself - given you’ve not put anything up. Pot, kettle etc … In terms of the format and speed, the site was brand spanking new in 2010, see “”, I think you will agree is “has” changed, indeed it’s changed rather a lot.

In terms of UK LUG’s, projects, distros, training, reviews etc etc … it just needs someone to write stuff. As you’re clearly an interested party who hasn’t contributed, maybe you should start by asking how you could help instead of throwing stones?

With regards to UK LUG’s in particular, they have been approached en-mass in the past. Those that responded were fairly hostile to any suggestion that they participate an any sort of focal point so it’s not something we’ve revisited.

When it comes to desire and time, desire is easy to come by, but for those of us who need to eat, time is always limited … unless of course you’d like to pay some salaries in which case there are all sorts of things we could be doing (!)

I would just like to say I think the site is fab it is in my view the best English site for assistance to Linux users. Long may the good work continue.