Linux commands

Are the commands that we use in terminal in a linux OS are same for all distros like one using Ubuntu,Debian,Lubuntu or redhat etc.As i assume all are using the same base kernel so same commands might work on all.

And what are the commands for showing the kernel version,Distro version,base distro version,the DE and WM and also the processor series like if one has an intel base processor i686 or a modern pentium series.

uname -r

is what you want for the kernel version, there’s a few useful switches under uname, try browsing through the man pages in the terminal:

man uname

This page is a decent start for “standard” terminal commands - List of POSIX commands - Wikipedia
The other thing you’ll find tricky to learn is where things are kept in Linux (like log files & config files), and this varies depending on the base distro. I’ll try to find some time to jot a few down for Ubuntu, or you can Google it yourself (the Ubuntu wiki is very good)

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t answer your original question - all Ubuntu-based distros have the same basic structure and commands (Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Peppermint, Mint). Others like Red Hat and Arch will have different strucutres (although they should have the same basic commands, as on the wiki page I linked)