Linux Data

I’m brand new to Linux.

Is the linux data held in files? and can these be accessible from windows?

Thanks in advance

Hello Erics44 - and welcome to the Forum.

What data are you referring to? Certainly Linux, like any operating system, comprises a huge number of files and if you have both Linux and windows on the same computer (as a dual boot, perhaps) you will be able to access the windows files from Linux and probably the other way round, too.

We would need a bit more information about your setup before being able to comment further.


Thanks for the reply

here is my very very limited understanding of linux

There isnt a database as such but the data is stored in files and each “table” has 1 data file and 1 index file.

So the linux system might be used to monitor company customers, so there might be 2 files, one with a list of customers and a second (index file) detailing the meta data of that file.


maybe i completely misunderstand linux

Linux is not a database at all - it is a computer operating system like the Windows or Apple operating systems.

If you are looking for a database, then a web-search for “Windows database software” or “Linux database software” will find many for you.
Whatever operating system you are using (I am guessing Windows) you will find that the built-in spreadsheet will have powerful database commands for extracting information.

If you choose to install Linux someone here can help you with the built-in “LibreOffice Calc” spreadsheets and database commands.

Hope that helps a bit.

after further investigation :slight_smile:

we have a server with a Linux environment and an application built in what might be Fortran

I know my investigation skills have not yet formed a really good picture of the situation

It looks like you have a Linux-base server that provides Fortran scientific programming software.

Fortran has has advanced a lot since I was a lad and may well have database functionality but I suggest that you simply go to your computer manager and tell him/her what you want to do.
Alternatively, if you are provided with a Windows desktop environment, just use the built-in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application and use its database functions.


the software was built in Fortran on a linux server by an external company

we know there are some files with data held in them and index files which determine the arrangement of each file

and thats just about all we know

we have little to no control over our data and really want to extract all of the data from this Fortran system over night and store it in an SQL Server database

If i could find the files and extract them into a windows environment i am sure i could write a bit of code that extracts the data

but maybe i am underestimating a lot of things, including how Linux and Windows can talk to each other

Fortran is just an application for writing scientific software - like C++, BASIC, Python, etc. It doesn’t have data files in the sense that you mean. If you have written Fortran code to save data files then those files will be accessible via the server operating system.
If you have no control over your data then you have a problem with your contract with the “external company”.
Do you not have a computer operator/manager within the organisation? That’s the person to go to. Or hire an expert.

Sorry I can’t advise you further.


There is one possibility. But before I mention it you’ll need to know how to start a Terminal Session.
Please read the instructions here, which you ought to have done as a new member.