Linux desktops/workstations


Does anyone know of any computer supplier in the UK or EU which could configure a desktop/workstation
with 4 x 1 TB hard drives and install Debian Buster as the operating system ?


I bought a computer from here at Christmas

They allow you to customise the product. They won’t install Linux (other than the commercial version of Red Hat) but they will supply without an OS, and installing Debian is easy.

Another possibility is

They will certainly fit 4 drives for you but they too only offer a choice of Windows or no OS. They say they supply to a budget from £310 to £20,000!

See also here -

They supply build-to-order or for self-build, if you have the inclination to DIY. I don’t know if they’ll install a Linux distro for you but as David says, installing Debian is pretty straightforward. You can always ask the question though?

I have no connection to Scan other than as a customer.

I built a new desktop last year with components from them and installed Mint 19 on it. They also have a useful, cheap, short-term insurance available that, if anything goes wrong on the self-build - including a mistake you might make - then damaged part/parts will be replaced. I saved about £300 building myself. Built by them comes with the usual warranties.