Linux distribution required for new development.


Linux n00b here so forgive me if my questions are not correct.

I see that there are many flavours of Linux distributions and I generally require advice as to which distribution is the most applicable to my requirements.

My name is Chris and I require some advice on what would be best suited to a new development project.
The criteria for this new development are as follows.
Java support.
Running on a Mini ITX board
Touch Screen support (Not multi-touch but gesture responsive)
Easy to use.
Run as an Embedded OS.
Quick power Off and On. (Hibernation)
Customisable start up screen.

Thank you for your assistance.


Well, you have many options, I guess it depends on where your project is going.

I suppose the obvious answer is “Android”, although there are a number of alternatives.

Personally, and I hate to say this as although it’s developer friendly, user friendly it’s not;

Some people my find this amusing / not believe, however my experience of using Gentoo is that it runs between 20% and 80% faster than Ubuntu, simply because the compilation options allow you to tune the system for your specific hardware. Alternatively, you could look it from the point of view; “it’s amazing how much crud Ubuntu, Fedora etc throw into the mix to slow Linux down …” (!) :-X

As MP says, it depends on what you require of the system… what are your goals?.. what is the system going to be used for?
Then there’s the technical questions… what hardware?.. how much embedded storage capacity?