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If this post has fallen outside the terms and conditions of the forum fell free to delete it however we would appricate your support getting ourselves back on our feet and supporting the linux community.

Admins - Feel free to email me if you would like us to advertise/support/link to your forum from our website.

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Question: is this intended as a blatant ad purely as a money making exercise, or do you intend to post here on a regular basis and provide support for people who have purchased CD’s etc from you?

It’s both, we’re mainly looking to establish ourselfs again in the linux communities and this is one of the way’s we are doing this.

At the moment we provide support from our website via email to those who have purchased CD’s etc. (I believe users from this forum can email this account directly to our email and gain support if they do buy from this forum).

We’re happy to make a link from our site to yours if you wish.



Can’t say I’m overly taken with the concept of promoting something that will take support questions (and answers) away from public view (i.e. the forum). How does the idea of a “LinuxMedia” board sound on the basis that you point people at it re; support queries and when responding, you post to the board?

Thus you get the free advertising and the Linux community gets the benefit of all the questions / answers ??

  • it also provides more advertising (good or bad) re; what people will get for their money … :wink:

We like the sound of a LinuxMedia board however we’re not sure where we want to take the support side at this moment in time.

We’re happy to link/advertise on our website if you do in return, this could protentially lead to a lot more however we’re just trying to find our feet again for the time being.


Ok, if you want to advertise a product here that you do not wish to support, it will be classed as ‘sponsorship’.

Please see;

So, here’s the choices;

a. Cough up and we’ll insert ads as described
b. Remove your post(s)


We’ll add your ‘sponsorship’ to our list for consideration.

Please delete thread if your not happy with it’s existence.

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Thread amended! :o