Linux few questions before i swap

That’s the whole point… if more people asked, they would realise the benefits too, but M$ is doing all it can to keep people from even knowing there is a question :slight_smile:

I only use my pc for games and internet. im fed up with windows 7 keep crashing. is there a version of linux that will run pc games? Win 7 isnt compatible with any of my games so am hoping that a linux os will be better.

Win 7 isnt compatible with any of my games

So what are your games compatible with?

is there a version of linux that will run pc games?

Yes, but there isn’t one that will run WINDOWS games, at least not “well”.

“pc” refers to the hardware, not the operating system … Linux runs on a PC, as does Windows.

You will find people here swearing blind that Windows PC games are the best and are far better than dedicated console games, for all sorts of reasons. However, if you consider you are comparing a general purpose computer with hardware dedicated to running games, IMHO it’s a self-defeating argument.

i.e. if you want to make coffee, buy a coffee maker, if you want to play games (seriously) buy a games console, if you want a computer for surfing the web, wordprocessing etc etc, Linux is what you want.

Personally I play games on an XBOX 360, even tho’ it’s made by the Evil Empire.
(“best tools for the job!”)

Take a look at:

And in particular, the WINE part, you may be able to get some of your Windows games to run in WINE on Linux, but they are always going to run better on their native OS.

If you visit the WINE page and check their App Database you might be able to find out how well the games you have will run in WINE. (click on the Brows Apps link to search the database)

Think of WINE as a kind of Windows emulator (the WINE people will kill me for that), even though technically it isn’t.

This is not to say there aren’t (native) games for Linux… there are.
A lot of which are free, but there are commercial games too.

If Win7 won’t play these games, I’m guessing they are older DOS games?.. which may run quite well under WINE, but check first.

For newer games, as MP says you’d be better off with a console.

Although some MMORPG games such as Starcraft 2 seem to run quite well in WINE.

Don’t expect then all to run as well, if at all.

As with Windows, there are also hardware considerations, like which graphics card you have, Which CPU, how much RAM, etc.
nVidia cards tend to have the best drivers in Linux but this doesn’t necessarily mean other cards are not supported.

There are a lot of older commercial games for Linux. Specifically near enough anything that runs on ID Tech 2,3 or 4. Some games using the UT engine also have ports. I have well over 100 commercial games for Linux with most having a CD version, and at least another 100 open source games.

There are also ports of older game engines, but you still need the Windows CD to get the data. Example of this is things like Theme Hospital (GitHub - CorsixTH/CorsixTH: Open source clone of Theme Hospital).

The best thing about Linux gaming is that you don’t need an amazing computer to play most games on high settings (thanks to the games age).

I run everything except Quake Wars on my second PC (Intel P3 800MHz, 1GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce 2 64MB).

My fave Linux game is Warzone 2100 and I’ve played it through many times … however, it’s not really in the same league as C&C or Halo Wars.

But it does have a feature the others do not; customizable vehicles :slight_smile:

Mmm, check out “Chrome Hounds” on Xbox … :slight_smile:

Oh I’m sure other games have the ability, but just not C&C or Halo Wars (unless I’m mistaken about HW).

C&C and HW don’t have customisable vehicles, but Chrome Hounds does … indeed most of the game is about customisation, you can build some really ‘interesting’ vehicles (!)

none of the games i like playing r on console so have no choice about getting the pc versions. all my games r xp or older mostly win 98. Have to run all my games in win 98 compatabilty mode to get them to work on win 7. Ive heard that some versions of linux run windows and mac games. But dont know if its true or not. Thats why im asking. The only pc game ive found on the playstation is age of empires but its nowhere near as good. Ive got it on pd and plastation but the pc version is far better. Hearts of iron is the only 1 of the games ive got that i know of that has a linux version. Ive got a 64bit win7 system with an athlonII x4 620 1TB HDD 4GB ram and Nvidia 9200 GPU. how do i set up a dual boot so i can try linux? I know its a lot better than windows and have been wanting to try it for a few yrs. Its just gaming on it thats stopped me so far. The GPU is a bit naff for games but its good enough for the games ive got at the mo. Plus i cant upgrade it till Ive finished making the payments. Ill need a new PSU as well to get a better graphics card as its only 220w. But as its a micro system its going to be hard to find a PSU and graphics card to fit it lol. Thats also why i only play old games. But as yet i havent found any new games i like anyway. I only play strategy games like total war, hearts of iron and games like that. I havnt seen any of them on a console. I wont touch an xbox as its got major probs and its made by microsoft. The ps3 also has probs. They had to recall most of them.

OK, dual boot set up
These instructions are for Linux Mint 8 or Ubuntu 9.10 (but should be similar for other LiveCD distros), download an ISO LiveCD image from one of the links below…

BTW, These links are for Mint 8 (Helena) and Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)… if you want to try the latest versions… Mint 9 (Isadora) or Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)… just visit the Linux Mint or Ubuntu homepages and download the appropriate ISO images, but be aware some people have had issues with the latest versions, so make sure you test drive them from the LiveCD/LiveUSB first… probably best tested from a LiveUSB with persistence so you can install the graphics drivers and check these don’t cause you problems… Installation instructions remain the same.

If you want Mint 8 (Helena) Main edition 32bit… any of the mirrors on this page:

If you want Mint 8 (Helena) Main edition 64bit… any of the mirrors on this page:

If you want Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) 32bit:

If you want Ubuntu 9.10 (karmic) 64bit:

Burn the ISO image to a CD

Boot from the LiveCD, and once you reach a desktop you will see a “Install Mint/Ubuntu” icon… click it.

Follow the instructions till you get to where it starts gparted, select advanced mode and resize the Windows partition to allow room for a Linux installation… leave the Windows partition at the beginning of the drive (left side) so resize leaving space on the right…up to you, but 80gb should do nicely.

In the unpartitioned space create 3 partitions
one 25gb ext4 primary, mounted as /
one 51gb ext4 primary, mounted as /home
one 4gb swap (swap should be approx twice the size of your installed RAM so adjust the partition sizes as needed)

Then just carry on with the installation… if asked, let it install the grub bootloader to the MBR.

Few things to remember -

a) As with any partition operation, there is a small risk of corruption so make sure you have backed up any important data first.

b) It would be a good idea to defrag windows before resizing the partition

c) These instructions are for a single Hard drive, if installing to a second drive they will obviously need adjustment.

d) You can run Linux from the LiveCD for test driving/installation, but it will be MUCH slower than when it’s installed to a HDD, and you won’t be able to save any files or settings… if you want to test drive Linux and be able to save files settings etc. you would be better off with a LiveUSB stick, whch can be created with persistence (the ability to save stuff)… for LiveUSB sticks, get the ISO image, then from Windows, use the Universal USB installer from

e) The 32bit distros will work on both 32bit and 64bit CPU’s, the 64bit needs a 64bit CPU… also the 32bit distros won’t be able to use more than 4gb RAM unless the kernel is PAE aware… as you have a 64bit CPU, you’d probably be better off with a 64bit distro.

f) If all goes well, when you start the PC you will be shown the GRUB bootloader screen which will offer you the option to boot into Linux or Windows.

g) Once installed, activate the nVidia proprietary drivers… this should be offered to you, but if not, go to Administration>Hardware Drivers

ok thanks for that. ill buy a cdrw on monday and give it a try. If anyone likes stratagy games Paradox do linux format games via steam. Ive got loads of their games and use their forum a lot. Ive seen a few ppl on there with linux versions of the games i have. Think gamersgate do linux as well but not sure.

If you have a 2gb or bigger USB stick you won’t need a CDR(W), and you’ll be able to save files and settings, and it will run faster than from a LiveCD… you can install from a LiveUSB too.

If you are going to use a CD, you may be better off with CD-R, rather than CD-RW, some readers aren’t too happy with CD-RW (re-writable) as they are only half as reflective as CD-R’s.

I havent got any USB sticks. Never even seen 1 lol. Well i got a USB mobile broadband modem that i used to use before my landlord put in broadband for me lol. My dongle was faster than what ive got now but useless for downloading files or programs. MMM maybe thats why chrome was so slow. It didnt like using a dongle

Don’t use a Dongle (or modem!) , invest in a router, you’ll never look back.
(Thompson Speedtouch 546 or similar, ~£20)

Ive got an ethernet card hard wired to a bt home hub. Its faster than wireless routers and dont lose signal as much. My landlord connected me up to the the hub he has next door and only charges me £2 a month for it. there r 8 ppl in 3 houses connected to it lol. Some r wireless some have cables. I didnt have a wireless router so he put the cable into my flat instead. Si sandra has my card as 10/100/1000mbs but its usually running at 100.

I mean a USB memory stick… aka. Thumb drive… aka. Pen drive… aka. Flash drive…

I know what they r just never seen 1 lol. Im trying to download ubuntu 9.1 at the mo but having probs. it keeps getting stuck. It started by saying 15 mins then the time went up then down then stopped. hit the pause button then un paused and got it going again and it said it will take 19 days lol. at the mo its jumping between 20 mins and 6hrs. must be a bad connection somewhere cause everything is is still fast. But have that prob with every software download. 10.04 only took about 20 mins though. but that screwed up my pc when i tried to boot it. it took 1hr to boot then another 2hrs waiting for win 7 to boot again.

Read my reply here:

Ubuntu will NOT have made any changes to your hard drive UNLESS you clicked the install icon, and went through with the install… so the slow booting of Windows is not connected to booting from the LiveCD… it may however be due to the disk being unreadable and still in the CD drive.